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Affiliate Program

As a member of the Interflora Australia Affiliate Program, you’ll earn commissions of up to 10% per sale!

When you become a member of the Interflora Australia Affiliate Program, you simply link your web site to ours – one of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands.

Interflora Australia has teamed up with Commission Factory to provide our affiliates with trusted third-party tracking, on-line reporting, and monthly commission payments. Commission Factory will keep track of the number of visitors you send to our site and any subsequent sales that occur. You, in turn, will earn commissions on these purchases.

You will also be able to put our banner advertisements and links on your site while you are an affiliate. Any content or advertising provided by Interflora Australia must be used exactly as provided and may not be altered in any way. Please do not use any logo, graphic, banner or any other content that harms the value of the Interflora trademarks, service marks, goodwill, or misleads consumers in any way regarding your relationship with Interflora. Interflora Australia reserves the right to object to any particular usage of graphics, banners, or content by you.

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Interflora Australia has been operating across our country since 1954. Originally based in Adelaide, South Australia, we now operate out of Interflora House in Melbourne, Victoria. Interflora Australia is 100% Australian owned - via a licensing agreement, issued to us from Interflora in the United Kingdom...