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Happy Birthday Flowers

Celebrate with our beautiful happy birthday flowers, perfect for every taste and budget. Our birthday flowers range from charming posies to romantic rose bouquets. Enhance the celebration with our diverse birthday arrangement options, each thoughtfully crafted. Alongside our birthday bouquet offerings, we also provide exquisite hampers and gift baskets, adding a luxurious touch to every happy birthday bouquet and birthday celebration.


Interflora Australia also owns within its suite of businesses. Interflora is based in Melbourne, whereas and are based in Brisbane.

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Discover our diverse range of birthday flowers, tailored for every individual and budget. The Interflora birthday collection features vibrant gerberas, tulips, and lilies, perfect for friends, siblings, or even a birthday treat for yourself! If you're seeking a classic gift for your partner, explore our romantic arrangements, especially our multicoloured roses.

Easily organise your birthday flower delivery via our straightforward online process. We offer services across major Australian cities including Melbourne flower delivery, Sydney flower delivery, Brisbane flower delivery, Perth flower delivery, and Adelaide flower delivery.

With over a century's worth of experience, Interflora is a trusted name globally. Rely on us to deliver a gift that makes any birthday unforgettable!

The Symbolism of Happy Birthday Flowers

Flowers have long been used to express emotions and sentiments, and the tradition of gifting flowers on birthdays has been around for centuries. The beauty, fragrance, and vibrant colours of happy birthday flowers symbolise life, growth, and the joy of another year of experiences. Every flower has a unique meaning, adding a layer of symbolism that can make your gift even more thoughtful and personal.

Choosing the Perfect Birthday Flowers

When it comes to choosing the right birthday flowers, consider the recipient's personal preferences, favourite colours, and even their birth month. For instance, roses represent love and appreciation, making them a perfect choice for a partner or a close family member. Alternatively, Lilies, which symbolize purity and beauty, are perfect for someone who loves elegance and sophistication. You can also opt for birth month flowers, such as Carnations for January, Daisies for April, or Chrysanthemums for November, for a personal touch.

Happy Birthday Flowers for Every Age

Whether it's a milestone birthday or just another beautiful year, we have flowers for every age. Celebrate a sweet 16 with a bouquet of vibrant Gerbera Daisies, symbolizing innocence and cheerfulness. For a 30th birthday, a sophisticated arrangement of Roses and Lilies can depict maturity and elegance. Or, to celebrate a golden age, a mixed bouquet of bright and colourful flowers can represent the joy and wisdom of years well-lived.

Birthday Flowers Delivered Straight to Their Doorstep

At Interflora, we ensure that your love and well wishes arrive in the form of beautiful, fresh flowers, delivered straight to the doorstep of the birthday celebrant. Whether you're near or far, sending birthday flowers is a wonderful way to make someone feel special and loved on their big day.

The Extra Touch: Adding Gifts to Your Birthday Flowers

To make your birthday gift even more special, consider adding an extra touch. Pair your birthday flowers with a box of luxury chocolates, a bottle of wine, or a heartfelt note. At Interflora, we offer a range of additional gifts that can be delivered alongside your chosen bouquet, creating a truly memorable birthday surprise.

Celebrate With Interflora's Happy Birthday Flowers

Birthdays are a time for celebration, joy, and expressing love. At Interflora, we understand the importance of these moments and we're here to help you celebrate in the most beautiful way possible - with happy birthday flowers. With a wide range of bouquets and arrangements to choose from, and delivery options that suit your needs, we make it easy to share the joy of a birthday with those you care about the most.

Interflora Australia also owns & within its suite of businesses. Interflora is based in Melbourne, whereas and are based in Brisbane.

Interflora Australia has been operating across our country since 1954. Originally based in Adelaide, South Australia, we now operate out of Interflora House in Melbourne, Victoria. Interflora Australia is 100% Australian owned - via a licensing agreement, issued to us from Interflora in the United Kingdom...