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Interflora seizes upon the evocative shade of ochre in its diverse collection of red flowers that are sure to please for any occasion. Whether sending one red rose to celebrate a newfound love on Valentine’s Day or celebrating an anniversary with a dazzling, luscious bouquet, we have the complete range of flowers, tailored to suit the wants, or whims, of any customer. Sourced only from premium collections, the beautiful types of red flowers include roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums and proteas. Collectively, or individually, they colour any room with rich shades of cherry, crimson, ruby and scarlet. Same day flower delivery is available.
When combined with a stellar collection of other speciality cut blooms, strikingly exotic varieties and premium pairings, we hope to deliver a message that is as prominent as it is memorable. Our expert florists piece every exquisite arrangement together with care, ensuring that the brilliantly intense shades of rouge are balanced with flecks of other, perfectly matched colours to reflect the tenderness in those moments we all share. And so red flower delivery, be it to friends, family or loved ones, can be a wonderful reminder of how much you care.
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