Due to COVID-19 restricting the supply of flowers, we are allowing our Interflora Florists to substitute the flowers within Interflora arrangements until further notice.  Substituted flowers will be of a similar look and value to the flowers shown in the specific arrangement, as per the Interflora substitution guidelines. This substitution allowance includes containers (i.e vases, boxes, bags, etc.) which are also in short supply.
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Orange Flower Bouquets & Arrangements

The colour of the horizon, this dazzling shade of ochre is incredibly unique and will inevitably set this gift apart from all others.

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Orange flowers resonate with the adventurous type, evoking the stimulation and passion of red but offset by the cheerfulness of yellow. It is an empowering colour and is therefore often a great delivery for someone aiming to bounce back or rediscover rejuvenation. Sending beautiful arrangements has never been easier with Interflora, where we now have multiple types of orange flowers, including: roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums and proteas. The peachy tones that define these pastel-like bouquets will inevitably find their way into the heart of any flower-lover.
We source our bouquets from the very finest collections of flowers and our orange flower delivery will not only arrive promptly but will arrive to impress any customer. At Interflora, we only believe in handcrafting our arrangements by hand to maintain tremendous quality and forge a lasting memory for each of our recipients. Send a beautiful assortment of flowers today to a loved one and celebrate their sense of adventure with the audacious tone of orange.
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