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Interflora’s ‘Orchids’ range features a large and vast array of arrangements suitable for every occasion and budget.

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Stylish and elegant, orchids are synonymous with luxury, royalty and affection. These connotations and the long lasting nature of these blooms make them an extremely popular gift or display in the home or office. Why not surprise mum this Mother's Day with a stunning orchid arrangement? Or say congratulations with a beautiful orchid display? ‘Shelley’ for example is a striking wrap of creamy white orchids and soft greenery.
Another option is ‘Elle’, a lush and striking arrangement of orchids delivered in a ceramic container that will surely impress that special someone. Alternatively, ‘Exquisite’ is a stylish presentation of a Phalaenopsis Orchid. A truly exquisite display, this arrangement oozes luxury and strength.
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