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When dealing with the former or wanting to spoil the latter despite their protests, dreaming up the perfect birthday gifts, parties, and meals can be overwhelming.

Whether it’s your partner, sister, best friend, mum, dad, or even yourself that you’re celebrating, we’ve found plenty of ideas to get you on your way to hosting the birthday celebration they didn’t even know they wanted.

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Here are our top 15 ways to celebrate a birthday…

1. Pick an activity that you know they’ve wanted to try. Do they keep attempting to organise that wine tasting course or art class? Now’s the time to pull it together.

Just make sure they don’t have plans before you book, we recommend checking with their partner or sneaking a peek at their calendar.

2. If they’re spending the day at work, meet them outside at the end of the day and inform them that you’ll be heading out for a drink somewhere nearby to celebrate.

Invite their closest friends and instruct them to meet you at the venue. Voila, it’s a surprise party!

3. Take them on an adventure. Jump in the car for a day trip to a nearby beachside town, or head into the city for the day.

Make sure you include a tasty lunch location and take some happy snaps of your day together.

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4. Send them flowers. Flowers are the perfect gift, especially when they are unexpected.

Choose their office as the delivery address so they can show them off, or to home if you know they’ll be there during the day.

Find out how to pick the perfect arrangement for them and view our Birthday Collection.

5. Treat them to their favourite cake, or recreate one they have mentioned fond memories of.

Most of us remember picking our dream cake from the Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book, or tucking into ice cream cake before it melted.

DIY it with love, or make a visit to the cutest little bakery near you.


6. Throw a games night. Get a few fun friends involved and ask them all to bring a board game plus wine and pre-dinner snacks or dessert.

Order in pizzas or get everyone involved in making them. Add some 80s tunes for an extra lively mood.

7. Help them tick something off their bucket list. Have they always wanted to go on their dream holiday but just haven’t gotten around to it? Buy them a travel voucher to put towards flights and help them plan their itinerary.

Or maybe they’ve wanted to start a side business? Buy them a few of their first supplies and find them the name and number of a website designer.

Renovate their home? Buy them some paint brushes, pick up some colour swatches, and offer to help them get started.

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8. Greenify their home with a succulent or two.

It may not be the first birthday present idea you think of, but they suit any home décor, live long after their birthday celebrations, and you can never have too many. 

9. Plan a weekend away. Round up your pals for a night or two and all chip in to cover the birthday person’s share.

Airbnb offers great options for groups of people, or you could try ‘glamping’ for something different.

10. Get the adrenalin pumping. Scare away any getting older worries by taking them skydiving, bungee jumping, or paragliding.

Or if you’d prefer to head to water, try white water rafting. Celebrate their bravery afterwards with one of their favourite meals, burgers are always a good choice.

11. Enjoy the outdoors. Sometimes all you need is fresh air, good weather, and a beautiful view.

Get outside for their birthday and go kayaking, hiking, or rock climbing.

For something more laidback, take the scenic route on a gentle bike ride or walk to a lighthouse for an ocean view.

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12. Send them a hamper. Surprise your mate with a delivery of a bunch of gourmet treats that hopefully they’ll share with you. Choose from sweet, savoury, or a mix of both in our Birthday Hamper Collection.

13. Beach day, whatever the weather. If it’s warm, pack sunscreen and an esky of cold drinks, if it’s cold, pack blankets so you can get cosy and enjoy the view.

Remember to bring some good books, portable speakers, and snacks like chilled fresh fruit.

14. Take a cooking class. Is there a better way to spend your birthday than by eating? How about learning to cook a new cuisine (that you can then eat)?

Pick something totally new to the birthday person for a surprising adventure. Our top pick is learning how to roll your own sushi.

15. Treat them and yourself to a spa day. If you can’t indulge on your birthday we’re not sure when you can.

Whether you opt for massages, pedicures, or facials, this birthday celebration will be much appreciated.

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