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25 ways to increase your happiness this winter

5 min read

Feeling low this winter? It’s hard not to feel more tired and drained during the winter months when we spend more time indoors, exercise less, and eat heavier foods. The cold weather and gloomy days are enough to make anyone feel down, but it doesn’t have to last. Shake off the winter blues with these 25 quick tips to increase your happiness right now…

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1. Get outside

If there is even a sliver of sun throughout the day make sure you sit outside and soak it in. We need all the vitamin D we can get in winter.

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2. Take yourself out for coffee

Stay out of the cold by heading to a cosy coffee shop to people watch or read the newspaper and enjoy your favourite brew.

3. Call a friend

Nothing will cheer you up faster than chatting to a good friend or loved family member. But text doesn’t count, pick up the phone and reap the rewards of hearing a friendly voice.

4. Go for a walk

We know its cold outside and easy to relax into the couch but fresh air will always make you feel better so grab a scarf and some gloves and head towards your favourite park.

5. Cuddle an animal

Whether you get some love from your own furry pet or make new friends at the park mentioned above, hugging a fluffy dog will instantly lift your mood.

6. Dress up

Never underestimate the power of an outfit you feel good in. Even if you’re just heading out for coffee, slip into your favourite threads and work it!

7. Treat yourself to flowers

Research shows that flowers are the perfect mood booster in winter, so bring a pop of colour into your home. Take a look at our Winter Spring Collection and treat yourself!

8. Enjoy dessert

We know that summer bodies are made in winter but winter is made for indulging (at least every once in a while). Savour a delicious after dinner treat and/or pour yourself a glass of wine to enjoy.

9. Do something nice for a friend

Partaking in a random act of kindness will make you glow from the inside out so send them a heartfelt card, take them a batch of homemade brownies, or surprise them with a delivery of their favourite flowers.

10. Write down three things you’re grateful for

They could be the little things like hot showers, your favourite magazine, and the sound of rain, or the big things like family, a place to call home, and your closest friends. Practicing gratitude is an easy way to feel happier instantly.

11. Make a pot of tea

There’s something gloriously heart-warming about enjoying a pot of your favourite tea (especially if you do this whilst practicing gratitude). Read our Floral Tea recommendations and get out your prettiest teacup.

12. Unleash your creativity

The winter months are perfect for bringing out your paint pots and brushes and creating something beautiful. Bonus points if you get social and join a pottery class or jewellery making workshop.

13. Cook a healthy meal

It’s tempting to opt for pasta on cold nights but a healthy meal will reenergise you and make it far easier to push through winter. Plus, taking the time to pick a mouth-watering recipe, shop for quality ingredients, and lovingly craft a delicious home cooked meal will make it taste so much better.

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14. Pick up a good book

Having a great book to sit on your lap in front of a crackling fire will make winter feel all the more bearable. If you haven’t found a good read recently, head to your local library and borrow a few that you wouldn’t normally pick up, you might just find something wonderful.

15. Pamper yourself

Rehydrate your skin and hair with treatment masks, creamy moisturisers, and luxurious oils. Tend to fingers and toes and paint them a colour you love. We know; no one sees your toes in winter? Wrong, you do, and you deserve to feel fabulous all year round!

16. Listen to happy music

Whether you blast hip hop or listen to calming jazz, choose your music wisely and make it work for you! Also feel free to increase your happiness levels by dancing like no one’s watching.

17. Meditate

It might not be the first thing you feel like doing but meditating even for a few minutes a day can free up some space in your mind (to then fill with your newfound happiness). Find a quiet, comfy spot, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths.

18. Go to bed early

If you’re feeling down this winter one of the first aspects of your life to look at is your sleep schedule. Switch off the TV and head to bed early tonight, your future happy self will thank you for it.

19. Improve your living space

Increasing your happiness could require a simple shift in your living space. Open the curtains wide to let the light in and declutter any areas that feel messy. Infuse some colour and fun into your home with framed photos, art prints, and home wares you love.

20. Start a conversation

This winter strike up a conversation with someone you wouldn’t normally chat to. Ask your barista about their weekend, or ask someone in a different department at work what’s been happening on their floor. You’ll be surprised at how quickly having a chat can lift your mood.

21. Plan your next holiday

Give yourself something to look forward to by planning a getaway to a warmer location. You could even create your own travel board on Pinterest to help you build the holiday of your dreams. Check out our Travel Inspiration Board on Pinterest to get started!

22. Care for a plant

If pets aren’t your thing, spend some time looking after a cute plant. Bringing the outdoors in, as well as watching something grow from your loving care, will help you lighten up. We love succulents for a lower maintenance option.

23. Light scented candles

Research shows that scent can have a strong impact on the brain. Have you experienced feeling calmer after smelling lavender or hungrier after smelling cookies baking? Choose your favourite feel-good candle scent and let it fill your home.

24. Head to a museum or art gallery

Appreciating the beauty in life is a great way to increase your happiness so head to your local art gallery or a museum exhibition you’ve wanted to see. Extra points if you strike up a conversation with a stranger about their favourite piece on show.

25. Look forward to spring

You’ve heard the saying ‘fake it till you make it’, so think all things spring! Plan adventures, start pinning your spring-themed dream home décor, and hit up magazines for your spring hair and wardrobe inspiration.

Stay positive and spring will be here before you know it!

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