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4 Reason you should have fresh flowers in your home

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Most of us love the sight of fresh flowers in our home, whether they appear as a weekly bouquet, a once in a while treat, or reserved for special occasions. It’s not hard to guess why, flowers are beautiful after all.

However, there may be more to it. Flowers have been shown to have extraordinary power over us mere humans, affecting our moods and improving our health and work performance. We looked at four reasons why everyone should introduce fresh flowers into their home…

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Boost your mood

Scientific research has shown that flowers can genuinely boost your mood, increasing happiness and decreasing feelings of stress and anxiety. Researchers have put this amazing side effect down to a culturally learned association of flowers as a symbol of positivity. It’s no wonder when flowers are present at some of our happiest events like weddings, birthdays, and new births.

Flowers can also trigger memories of these special events or of approaching spring and summer, a time when most of us are generally happier. Think about how the sight of flowers makes you feel; we’re not scientists but we’re pretty sure they’ll make you feel more positive about the day!

Scientists also believe that happiness from the sight of flowers could be tied to an evolutionary trait, with flowers signalling to our ancestors that an area was fertile and food could be easily found or grown. There’s also a strong scientific reason why we give flowers to people who are unwell, especially in hospital. Studies have shown that patients recovering from operations in a room with flowers reported lower rates of pain and less stress and fatigue than those in rooms without flowers. Don’t need to tell us twice!

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Improve your worklife

On top of decreasing stress, flowers have also been reported to lift concentration levels and creativity, and increase cognitive performance. For people who work from home and want to improve their concentration, or need a creative lift, a bouquet of fresh flowers is an easy way to stimulate both.

Putting them in your home office or on your desk at work is a sure fire way to reap the benefits, with bright colours or a creative arrangement even more beneficial for getting the creative juices flowing.

If calming is your aim, opt for lighter colours that fall near to each other on the colour wheel, whilst choosing blooms in bright and opposite colours will energise you.

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Decorate your home

Flowers are a quick way to decorate your home; pulling together your personal style and making your living space appear more polished. Not only are flowers are a beautiful finishing touch to your interior design, they have the ability to change the feel of your home or of particular rooms.

Bright arrangements can lift the vibes of your living space, brightening homes with dark furniture or limited light. More understated bouquets can make a hectic home feel calmer, or an arrangement of one colour in varying shades can tie together your colour theme.

For example, finishing off a monochrome room with a display of all white blooms (like our Pisces arrangement) will have your guests begging to know the name of your designer. Changing the feel of your home depending on the season is also made easy through the use of flowers. Take a look at our Season's Best Collection for inspiration.

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Welcome your guests

What better way to welcome guests to your home than with a fresh bouquet positioned in the hallway or living area (this will also have them remarking on the beauty of your home rather than noticing the mess you didn’t have time to get to).

Fresh flowers are the perfect table setting for a dinner party or special lunch, and show how much effort you put into planning the party you’ve thrown. Flowers can also be tied into your party theme to make the event even more spectacular, like pink to celebrate a baby shower for a new little girl, or roses to celebrate an important anniversary.

Welcoming your guests with flowers will also put them in a great mood (see our first point above!).

We’d love to know why you have fresh flowers in your home and how they make you feel, get in touch and let us know!

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