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5 Ways to welcome summer into your home

4 min read
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Summer Is Finally Here

Things are warming up and the days are getting longer and longer so we all know what that means - summer is well and truly here!

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have been wanting to welcome summer into your home.

To celebrate the launch of our Summer Autumn Collection we thought we would share our favourite ways to brighten our place up and welcome the warmth…


Give Your Outdoor Space A Facelift

The patio gets a lot less action in the cooler months so if you haven't made use of your outdoor space yet it's time to clean it up and embrace it as the perfect entertaining space. 

Set aside time on the weekend to wash down your outdoor furniture and bring out any that you stored away.

An easy way to improve the look of older furniture is by picking up some new seat cushions that will bring the life back into them. We recommend going for something bright, or a touch of nautical with navy and stripes.

Give the BBQ a good clean and remember to check the gas bottle to see if it’s empty!

There’s nothing worse than preparing all the food to be cooked on the BBQ only to find the gas bottle is out.

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Spring Clean

Out with the old, in with the new. That saying means we can all go shopping after we declutter the house, right?

Summer is a time to put your feet up, relax and take a break which is why it’s a great idea to get a big clean done early on.

Set aside a weekend to tackle your clean up and focus on creating open, uncluttered spaces.

Our tip on this is: if it didn’t get used in the last two years and it isn’t sentimental, let it go.

The same goes for your wardrobe. As you swap out warmer pieces for your summer options, let go of anything you haven’t worn in the last two years.

You might be able to sell some valuable things on a Buy, Swap and Sell page, otherwise there are plenty of op shops and charities that are always looking for donations to rehome to those in need.

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Seasonal Flowers

Of course, with the warmer weather there are beautiful and colourful flowers in bloom.

Nothing brings life into a space like a beautiful floral arrangement - opt for a bright and fun arrangement that can serve as a decorative centrepiece in your home.

Our Summer Autumn Collection features the season’s best blooms in a variety of arrangements in different shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to find the perfect choice for your home.

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Bring the Outdoors In

The uptake of indoor greenery into a home has become really trendy in recent years.

It’s not too late to jump on board and add some greenery into your interior design style. Make your home Instagram-worthy this summer with a super chic terrarium, beautiful fern or a large potted feature plant.

Pick your spot, whether it be a window ledge or an empty corner and find the perfect plant to fill the space.

Not all plants require full sun, but some definitely do - especially if you want them to last – so make sure you do your research.

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Adopt Your Summer Style Indoors

Winter styling calls for heavy throws, furry pillows and warm lighting – all of which can really heat up a room in summer. It’s time to re-style your home for the warmer weather!

By simply swapping out heavy fabrics for breezier ones and letting the sun shine through lighter curtains instead of relying on artificial light, a house can feel a lot fresher.

We love the use of neutral tones for summer, coupled with pops of bright colours to add a bit of interest to a space.

How are you welcoming summer into your home this year? Head to our Facebook page and let us know!

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