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6 Ways to show friends and family overseas that you care

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There are countless reasons as to why you’d have to stay away from people so close to your heart this year. Although keeping in touch and maintaining these relationships may seem like more of an effort, they can be just as significant. With a little thought, care, effort and creativity, you can make them feel cared for. 

Here we have 6 easy ways that will keep you connected, show them you care, make memories and strengthen your bond, no matter the distance.


Order food for them

Arrange to deliver a comforting hot bowl of Pho or a box of doughnuts, because nothing says “I’m thinking of you” more than that. We’d all agree everyone needs all the comfort they can get - it makes them feel loved. Find out what restaurants are nearby with food delivery services or you could always place an order online with delivery apps. Alternatively, you can also deliver groceries to their doorstep. We have a range of vegetable hampers and gift baskets to choose from that are suited to any occasion.

Use technology to get personal

Modern technology has alleviated the logistical part of distance in ways that keeps us connected even if they’re on the other side of the world. Create family group chats and use them to check in with others, share inspirational stories, post good news, or throwback pictures to instigate a conversation that will leave everyone smiling.

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Weekly Fam Jam Calls

Taking time zones into consideration, schedule a day in the week where the entire family or friend group gathers on a video call for a chat. There’s no excuse with technology – children, parents, grandparents and the rest can see one another and be a part of each other’s lives, no matter the distance. It gives everyone something nice to look forward to. 

Know Special Dates

We’re all guilty in some way or another of missing out on recalling special dates, milestones and wishing those celebrating. Create an occasion calendar on your phone or even on a physical calendar that will serve as a reminder of these special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation or any other important life moments. Contacting a loved one on their special day will surely show them just how much they mean to you.

Send Meaningful Gifts

It’s okay if you can’t exchange gifts in person, sending meaningful gifts to friends and family overseas is the next best thing. A flower delivery is a beautiful and classic way to show you care, no matter who it is. Whether they’re ‘just because’ flowers or for a significant occasion, there’s an arrangement to suit anyone. 

Alternatively, you can choose to send a gift basket, hamper or a care package, and we’ll deliver it right to their doorstep. Interflora ships Internationally as well! 

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Host online activities

Host or conduct virtual game nights or stream movies together online. If your tribe loves a good friendly competition, you can choose to play games online with your cameras on and wait for the sassy comments to drop in. If you’re not into games, start a new series or binge watch a movie marathon together with group synching. There's nothing like a movie night to make you feel nostalgic about childhood sleepovers or trips to the blockbuster.

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