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Everything you need to know about air plants

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Air plants are an unusual group of plants that have grown in popularity over the last few years. What makes them unique is that they do not require soil to grow. Because of their properties, they have special requirements. Thanks to our quick guide, you will be able to care for and have an appealing display of air plants for your home.

What are air plants?


Air plants are species of plants known as epiphytes. This means that in nature they have evolved to grow and thrive on other plants, usually tree branches. They can be found all over the world in a range of habitats, from cloud forests to the desert. Air plants are tenacious plants as they can grow in challenging locations such as sheer rock walls, cliffs and the bark on trees.

Air plants have long tentacle-like leaves that have fuzzy white structures on them. These structures are known as trichomes and are how the plant absorbs moisture and nutrients. They can close in tougher dry conditions and open again in good seasons to maintain their moisture and stay alive.

What are the benefits of having air plants in your garden?

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The number one benefit of air plants is that they don’t have to take up space in your garden bed. Due to their lack of roots or need for soil, air plants can be placed anywhere in your home. This also creates the opportunity to add some style to how you present your air plant. Air plants can be displayed in glass containers which creates many opportunities to show your creative side.

Air plants are also low maintenance. They have evolved to survive in challenging environments which means they know how to draw and survive on little moisture.

How do you care for air plants?

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There are a few key rules when it comes to caring for air plants. Number one is to water your plant sparingly, typically only once a week. Secondly, keep your air plants out of direct sunlight. When in their natural habitat, they thrive under tree cover so too much sun will damage them.

A key sign that your air plant is getting what it needs is when it produces flowers. Be sure to snip off any dried flowers. This will promote the growth of your plant and prevent extra energy from being wasted on the dying flower.

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