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Beginners guide to pressing flowers

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If you've got special flowers you want to hold on to, pressing them lets you freeze that moment and create a keepsake full of memories. Whether it's your wedding bouquet, a stunning Mother's Day gift, or a sweet surprise from a friend, flowers bring so much joy that we wish could last forever.

Pressed flowers are a blast to make and super easy too! They're a cool idea for showing off or giving as presents. And guess what? No fancy tools needed – just grab a few things you probably already have at home. Peek into our beginner's guide on how to press your favourite flowers like a pro, so those special blooms stick around in your collection for ages!

Choosing the right flowers

Getting great results starts with choosing the right fresh flowers. The ones that work best for pressing are the ones with naturally flat shapes and petals that are single-layered. Flowers like zinnias, delphiniums, pansies, violas, daisies, geraniums, African violets, cosmos, and other smaller blooms are perfect. But hey, if you've got chunkier flowers like alstroemerias, lilies, orchids, chrysanthemums, carnations, or roses, no worries – just give them a little trim down the middle using scissors or a knife before pressing.. 

Prep your Flowers

  1. Opt for flower heads that haven't fully unfurled or are still in their budding stage.
  2. Ensure the flowers are in top-notch condition, without any blemishes or tears.
  3. The higher the quality of the flowers, the more stunning they'll appear once pressed.
  4. Choose the morning hours, just after the dew has disappeared, to pluck your blooms.
  5. As soon as you trim off any extra leaves, submerge the stems in water right away.
  6. Trim the stems at an angle to facilitate better water absorption.
  7. Place them in a clean vase with water and flower food to keep them fresh.
  8. To hydrate the flowers, give them a few hours, away from direct sunlight, in a cool, well-ventilated spot.
  9. Lay the flower heads on a newspaper in a cool and dry place – now you're ready to press.
  10. You can press flowers using a book, iron, microwave, or a wooden press. We'll walk you through how to press flowers using a book and an iron step by step (because let's be honest, they're simpler!).

Press Flowers Using a Book

Undoubtedly, this is the simplest and widely adopted way to press flowers. Begin with a hefty book, preferably one you're okay with potentially damaging, as the moisture absorbed by the pages could lead to wrinkles.

1. Gently position the flower facedown between two parchment paper or blotter sheets, and slip it between the pages of the book.
2. Depending on the book's thickness, you can press several flowers together.
3. Mind the spacing to prevent moisture from transferring between the flowers.
4. Close the book gently, taking care not to disturb the arrangement.
5. Add more books or hefty items on top of the book to provide extra weight.
6. Leave it within the book for about 3-4 weeks; the longer the pressing, the less moisture remains in the flowers.
7. Swap in fresh sheets every few days to aid the process.
8. Handle the dried flowers with care when removing them, as they will be quite fragile.

Press Flowers Using an Iron

If you're eager to avoid the wait of several weeks for pressing your flowers, think about using an iron to accelerate the process.

  1. Get ready by placing your flowers between two parchment sheets, then use a weighty book to flatten them.
  2. Ensure the iron is water-free (moisture can harm the flowers) and heat it up on a low setting.
  3. Once the iron is warm, take the book away from the parchment and gently press the iron onto the sheet for around 10-15 seconds.
  4. Avoid sliding the iron back and forth like you would when ironing clothes.
  5. Allow about 15 seconds for the paper to cool down.
  6. Check if the flower feels rigid and dry. If not, repeat the process until the flower is fully dried.

Did we get you excited to give pressed flowers a go? The excitement doesn't just end here. Stay tuned for our Flower pressing kits that will be soon available online to purchase.

In the meantime, give the above methods a try and don’t forget to share your beautiful outcomes with us on Facebook or on Instagram using the hashtag #AlwaysThereAnywhere and #InterfloraAU.

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