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Best Halloween Trick or Treat Ideas

3 min read
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As the weather warms up in Australia we know Halloween is on the horizon. For many kids, it’s the promise of lollies, candies and chocolates that gears them up. 

This year is a tricky one for sure but trick or treating is definitely not a lost cause if done safely.

Follow these low-contact ways to celebrate a fun and safe Halloween, for the haunt must go on!

So, what are you waiting for? Turn trick-or-treat night on October 31 into a spook-tacular one to remember. Use any of our clever ideas, treats and outdoor Halloween decoration, to add frightful fun to the ghoulish ghastly season.

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Transform your yard into a Candy Graveyard

Deck up your yard this Halloween while giving the kids a chance to trick-or-treat while social distancing. Go all-out and set up fake tombstones, skeletons, zombies, monsters - let your creepy creativity go wild! You could also lay out a path with a bag of bones and add creepy character cut-outs along the way. Scatter wrapped treats and candy along the path so one trick-or-treater can grab a treat at a time as they run through.

Attend a Trunk-or-Treat

In 2020 social distancing is all the rage, and so this might be the year you try trunk or treating. This is an organised Halloween tradition where cars get as decked out as candy-seekers and line up in large parking lots where kids collect Halloween candy and treats as they go from car to car. Team up with the families in your neighbourhood and invite other families to drive through. You can choose to also just park in the driveway, add some fun signs, inflatables, skeletons and dress up in costumes to greet your drive-by visitors. A fun and socially-distanced way to celebrate Halloween this year. 

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Set up Spooky Driveways

Keep the little ones away from the front door this Halloween and divert the fun to your driveway by setting up spooky tables or booths. Decorate the tables as spooky as you’d like to create a Halloween experience while still being able to social distance. Another way to do this is ditch the communal Halloween candy bowl and hand out individually bagged treats for kids to take. You can also conduct fun activities and have a Halloween-themed piñata - fill it with treats, tie it up and get ready for blind-folded partakers. A boo-tiful piñata is sure to be a hit if it results in showers of candy and treats – just make sure the kids keep their distance.

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Organise a Scavenger Hunt

Take a page out of the Easter book and create a scavenger hunt by hiding away goodies, chocolates and prizes around the house or neighbourhood. Start by making a chain of spooky clues for the kids to follow so they can discover all the hidden goodies!

We’d love to hear about your creative ideas for Halloween this year. Post your creations on Instagram, don’t forget to tag us using the hashtags #AlwaysInterflora and #InterfloraAU!

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