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How to build your own flower bouquet Christmas centrepiece

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Decorations for Christmas can be costly, especially using natural elements year after year. Creating your own Christmas centrepiece for your dining table can be an affordable decoration that will bring colour and vibrance to your dining table.

There are many different types of Christmas table centrepieces that you can make that range from pieces that have lights to towers to floral arrangements. We are going to guide you through making your own flower Christmas centrepiece that will exude the Christmas spirit.

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Christmas table centrepiece materials

Materials that you will need:

  1. Base - This can be a pot, bowl or candlestick holder. 
  2. Flowers - There are a number of flowers that you can incorporate to bring the Christmas cheer. You can use flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums and carnations.

Traditional colours to use for Christmas include red and white but you can also use other colours that come with summer seasonal flowers such as yellow, pink and orange.

  1. Foliage or mistletoe - Utilising different textures and foliage will create a more dynamic centrepiece. Good choices include pinecones and eucalyptus leaves. You can also incorporate dried florals to provide an Australian Christmas feel.
  2. Chicken Wire - This is a great alternative to a floral foam block (a green block of foam). It is much-loved by florists for its convenience and ease of inserting flower stems for floral arrangement without impacting the environment
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Constructing your Christmas table centrepiece
  1. Starting with the base, place chicken wire into a short vase. This ensures that the flowers will stay in place inside the vase. This will give a similar effect to floral foam.
  2. Carefully trim your foliage stems so they can be placed in the gaps of the chicken wire. To create a larger and fuller centrepiece, the foliage should flow outwards and can even flow onto the dining table. 
  3. The flowers are then trimmed at the stem and placed amongst the foliage. There are different arrangements that are possible that range from equal spacing to clustering to directional growth. 

The secret to creating a stunning centrepiece is including different textures, layers, and heights to the table centrepiece. This creates depth and gives movement and shape to the piece. The colours of each element should be carefully chosen to ensure they are complementary or highlight a central focus of the piece. 

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Interflora flower arrangement as a Christmas table centrepiece

If you are pressed for time and need something quick and easy to style your Christmas table this year, order a flower arrangement from Interflora. Our Florists Choice arrangements are handcrafted by the florist using the freshest flowers on the day, choose from a variety of florals thats can bring the holiday cheer to your Christmas dinner. 

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