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Classic Christmas flower arrangements

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Flowers offer a fantastic way to decorate your home for the holiday season. Not only are they colourful and festive, but they also complement other ornaments and decorations by providing a natural feel to your home. Share your holiday spirit this Christmas season and brighten up your home with the following classic floral arrangements.


Christmas Wreaths

One of the most common floral arrangements used during the holidays is the classic Christmas wreath. When placed on the front door, wreaths extend holiday cheer to guests, neighbours and those passing by, and they can also be used inside the home to decorate walls, doors and dining tables. While they are traditionally made using branches from evergreen trees, modern wreaths display a variety of materials, colours and flowers.


Seasonal Arrangements and Topiaries

Topiary Christmas trees and floral arrangements are very popular during the holidays, as they add an elegant and traditional touch to your home décor. Small topiaries add festive charm to any room when placed on tables, mantles or shelves, while larger ones set on the floor add an impression of refinement to a doorway or living room. There are endless colours, shapes and textures that can be combined into topiaries, allowing you to get as creative as you want with your holiday decorating.

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Potted Poinsettias

No other flower represents the Christmas holidays more than poinsettias. While scarlet poinsettias are the most traditional, colours ranging from white and pink to blue and purple are now available to suit any decorative theme. Make your poinsettias even more festive by embellishing the pot with ornate wrapping or by using a holiday style planter.

Candle Centrepieces

Floral centrepieces add colour and beauty to the dining table, and are the perfect way to show Christmas spirit while gathering for a meal with friends and family. A single pillar candle or a series of tapering candles provide the perfect central focus for the arrangement, which can be decorated at the base with an array of flowers and greenery such as poinsettias and evergreen boughs. To add vibrancy to the arrangement, ribbons, sparkles, cones and berries can be scattered at random.

Festive Garlands

Classic floral arrangements like Christmas garlands offer a creative way to decorate your home for the holidays. Garlands are extremely versatile and can be used to spruce up a staircase bannister, doorframe, fireplace mantle or even coffee tables. Secure branches of evergreens onto a rope to create the base of the garland, and then add sprigs of flowers, berries, shiny baubles and ribbon to suit your style. Twisting a string of lights around the garland will help add that extra bit of Christmas sparkle.  

Christmas Nosegays

Holiday nosegays will add a personal touch to your Christmas decorating. These classic yet simple arrangements can be made with a variety of colours, styles and materials, and made to look as casual or formal as you like. Nosegays are bunches of any materials you have on hand, such as twigs, flowers, leaves, pine cones, ribbons, beads and bells, and can take on just about any shape or style.

Interflora’s expert florists have created a beautiful range of specialty Christmas flowers to delight your loved ones this year. Check out our arrangements and see how they compare to the classics!

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