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Create memories with mum by doing these things this mother's day

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Your bond with your mum is one of the most amazing relationships that deserves to be celebrated. While it might sound cliché, it’s true that the best way to celebrate mum is to spend some time with her, enjoying each other’s company and creating lasting memories.

Treat this day like a chance to spoil her by doing things that are sure to strike a chord from the past and create new memories. So, as you’re planning Mother’s Day this year, here are a few ways you can make her special day the best, most memorable it can be.

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The Gift That Keeps Giving

If your mom's an avid gardener, we have a new Home Collection where you can purchase her a new house plant, or herbs. Once they’ve been delivered make sure you participate, get your hands dirty and help spruce her garden by planting these new additions. She’ll trail back to this Mother’s Day every time she sees or caters to those plants.

Craft Away

Break out all your craft supplies and create a scrapbook with pictures from old photo albums, printouts of the pictures on your phone or camera and quotes. Highlight favourite moments like family vacations or birthday parties, and bind them all into a beautiful scrapbook that takes her back to the good old days.

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Family Album Redux

Are your family albums or your parent’s wedding albums faded, dated or damaged? This Mother’s Day, turn her most cherished archival heirloom book into a digitalized album. Sort through the best photos, scan them, colour correct the images if needed and upload them onto a drive, your computer, a digital frame or go the extra mile and design a modern book with a digital companion for posterity and relive those blissful memories with mum.

Take A Flower Arranging Class Together

We think the only thing better than our Mother’s Day bouquets, is taking the time to create your own. Take mum to a flower arranging class and spend quality time together learning how to place gorgeous blooms into creative arrangements. Don’t worry if she’s far away, you can arrange a virtual class - this way she has her own floral arrangement to show off at her end.

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Pamper Her

Make mum feel like a million bucks with a head massage, a facial, a foot rub, a fresh coat of nail polish or even a luxurious blowout. Nothing says, "You're the best" than a spa day! Make a prior appointment at a nail bar or give her some well-deserved treatment yourself.

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