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9 Creative Ways to Say Congratulations

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Get creative with your 'Congrats!'... 

Whether it’s the arrival of a new baby, an engagement, a new house or a promotion, there’s always reasons to congratulate your friends and family on their achievements.

 Do you have a reason to give your congratulations but don’t want to just send another card (or text)?

 We hear you! Here are our favourite ways to say congratulations in a creative and thoughtful way.

 1. Take Them Out for Dinner

 Whether they just graduated, landed a new job or received a promotion, taking them out for dinner is the perfect way to congratulate someone on a big accomplishment.

 Make it extra special by taking them to a restaurant serving up their favourite food.

2. Offer to Help Them Move

Did someone close to you just buy a new house? Why not offer to help them on moving day?

 Not only is this a great way to congratulate and support them, but anyone that has moved into a new house before knows how much of a blessing this gift is!

 3. Send Them A Bouquet

Want to congratulate someone special on reaching a life milestone? Whether it’s an engagement, a significant birthday or a new job, a flower delivery is a special surprise everyone loves to receive!

 Shop our congratulatory flowers and gifts available for Australia-wide delivery. If you want to make your flower delivery extra special, you can add balloons, a bottle of wine, chocolates or a cuddly teddy bear to your order.


 4. Take Them Shopping

A new job calls for a new wardrobe! Whether they made a big career move or landed their first interview, they will need to look the part.

 Offer to take them out shopping for some new outfits and your impeccable judgement.

5. Send Them A Hamper

Did a friend or relative just get married? May we suggest sending them a fruit hamper to arrive when they get back from their honeymoon?

 With all the rush around their wedding and leaving for their honeymoon, they probably didn’t think about stocking their fridge.

 Hampers make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for the newly married couple to come back to.

 6. Bring Over A Home Cooked Meal

If you’ve had a child, you’ll know how crazy it can be at home trying to cook for the rest of the family when you bring home a newborn.

Popping by with a tray of comfort food is a great way to take some pressure off new parents and congratulate them in a thoughtful way.

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 7. Take Them Out for A Drink

Do you want to congratulate a colleague on a recent promotion? Make it an extra special day by taking them out for a drink after work.

Surprise them with a new night spot or let them pick their favourite place.

8. Organise A Spa Day

Celebrating the retirement of someone special like a close friend or maybe your mum? Why not treat them to a spa day to kick off their retirement the right way with some rest and relaxation.

Break up the day with a decadent champagne lunch, they will love it!

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9. Offer to Take the Kids Out

Bringing a newborn home when you have older children can be a tough balancing act.

Why not give mum and bub some alone time together by offering to take out the older kids to the park or to see a movie?

It’s a great way to take the pressure off mum and give them a chance to connect (or sleep).

What creative ideas do you have for giving your congratulations? Head to our Facebook page and let us know!

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