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5 Date ideas for people who hate valentine's day

3 min read

Can't convince your partner to join you on a romantic Valentine's Day date? Try one of these options instead... 

1. Hit the trails


Pack a few snacks, a camera, plenty of water, and research the conditions ahead of time so you know what to expect.

Bringing a map is a wise move, as there is nothing romantic about getting lost, and pack a few first-aid supplies too, just in case.

If you want to spend a little more time together, bring your camping gear along and spend the night in the great outdoors.

2. Go on a group date

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Double (or triple) the fun and get together with other couples you know for a group date.

Going out as a group allows you to enjoy Valentine's Day, but takes a whole lot of pressure off the evening.

You can even invite your single friends along without them feeling as though they will be a third wheel. 

3. Belt out some karaoke

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Not into Valentine’s Day and really want to show it? Hit the stage at your nearest karaoke bar and bust out your worst singing voice.

Apart from being a fantastic opportunity to butcher all those cheesy love songs, this is a marvellous way to have some fun with your partner without feeling like you're on a cliched Valentine's date. 

4. Stay in

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One sure-fire way to escape the Valentine’s Day hype is to plan a stay-at-home date with your special someone.

Keep it low-key by ordering in pizza and watching a thriller, horror or the most unromantic comedy you can find.

You can even agree to dress down for the occasion and wear the least flattering clothes each of you own.

5. Attend an Anti-Valentine’s Day bash

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Perfect for those who dislike cheesy Valentine's decorations and heart shaped desserts, these events feature everything from black roses and heartbreak-inspired music right through to total bans on displays of affection.

If you are tired of hiding out on Valentine’s Day, anti-Valentine parties provide a fun alternative.

If you'd rather carve your own way this Valentine's Day, opt for a date style that suits you and your partner! You may find you really enjoy your 'anti-Valentine's Day' plans. 

But remember – sometimes your partner might say they don’t like Valentine’s Day flowers, but what they really mean is – show me the roses! In that case, Interflora’s flower delivery always has you covered.

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