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Decoration Must Haves for a New Year’s Eve Party

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New Year's Eve parties can be one of the most difficult parties to decorate due to the lack of uniformity in what is considered festive. However, this presents an opportunity to make your New Year’s Eve party stand out. We have outlined decorations that you must have to make your party shine. 

Party Poppers

Party poppers are a must-have for any NYE party as nothing screams a New Year than party poppers being pulled at the stroke of midnight. While there are different party popper options, it can be as simple as confetti to sparkles and stringers. 


Incorporate flowers to brighten up your home for an NYE party. If you’re looking for flowers to fit with an NYE theme, you can choose flowers that represent new beginnings such as lilies, white roses and sunflowers. An alternative is to use seasonal flowers to bring the bright joy of summer as people welcome it in the new year.

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Photo Props

We all know that New Year and parties involve many photos being taken. So why not enhance the photos and have fun with props? It can be as sparkly and flashy as you want them to be to more funny props like wacky glasses or wands. This makes the photos and night more memorable. When you and your friends look back on the photos, they will make you smile. 



As children, we all loved sparklers, and there is nothing more flashy and complementary to fireworks than sparklers. The bonus is they make for great photos. 

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Balloons are iconic to any party. For your New Year's Eve party, they should feature balloons shaped in 2023 for the coming year. The most suitable colour for the balloons is gold, as New Year is all about bright and metallic colours. 

With so many decorative options, your choice of theme for your New Year’s Eve party is limitless. Show us your NYE party decorations by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram using the #InterfloraAU hashtag.

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