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How to make your own DIY Christmas wreath this season

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Christmas wreaths are an iconic Christmas decoration to display this season. This year, why not make your own Christmas wreaths and incorporate flowers into them to make them unique and stand out in your neighbourhood?

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Crafting a DIY Christmas Wreath

Crafting a DIY Christmas wreath does not have to be difficult. Many simple techniques incorporate the use of recycled materials or leftover decorations and transform them into a stunning holiday wreath this Christmas.

Pool noodle wreath

Using a pool noodle as the base, you can use hot glue or super glue to form the initial shape and then decorate the noodle with various items. These items can include baubles, mistletoe, foliage, tinsel and even flowers. They can be either glued onto the noodle or pierced into the noodle to stay in place.

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Dried Stem and Native Wildflower Christmas Wreath

By recycling old plants, you can create a cost-effective yet very aesthetic Christmas wreath. First, you need to dry out the stems which will act as the base for the wreath. Once dried, these stems will need to be either tied together in a circle with a longer stem or with string to keep the circular shape. The wreath decorations can then be weaved into the stems to give a rustic feel. For wreaths such as these, the best types of flowers to incorporate are natives and wildflowers.

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Updating an old Christmas wreath

You can update an old Christmas wreath in many ways. To give the wreath a deep freshen up, you can paint it a different colour. A white wreath is a trending item and with a lick of paint, your wreath can be white too. Then it is a matter of adding flowers and foliage to give the wreath a new lease on life. If your wreath is now white, we recommend using pastel-coloured flowers and foliage to keep that winter and snowy look without overpowering it with colour.

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