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DIY Floral Spring Fascinators

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For the socialites and fashion forward, it’s not all about racing. Even though you’ll be watching it from your couch, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t dress or impress while you sip on bubbles or a pint and place a bet.

We’re here to help you put together a winning floral spring race accessory that can be found in the garden. Let it be a floral wrist corsage, a fascinator, a floral comb or headgear, you can mix and match fresh flowers from your garden to create your very own unique piece to wear on the day. If you ask us, this is a style that is sure to look great on everyone and the possibilities are endless when it comes to colours and styles you can pair with flowers. Here is a simple 4 steps tutorial on how to create an on-trend floral hairpiece.

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You’ll need:

 STEP 1: Using a pair of sharp scissors, carefully cut the blooms and foliage to approximately 2 inches in length.

 STEP 2: Choose a focal point on your wire comb or bobby pin and start assembling! Begin by roughly arranging the flowers into clusters to get a vague sense of what you’re looking for. Ensure that the larger flower heads are in the middle, surrounded by dainty foliage. Also make sure the colours, sizes and textures are balanced.

STEP 3: Fold the florist wire in half, mount the flower heads onto the wire and wrap one end of the wire through the prongs of the bobby pin or comb until secured. Continue adding flowers as you please and wrap the wire tightly around the comb, until all flower heads are stable and well mounted.

 STEP 4: Once you’re happy with the floral elements, trim the stems where necessary, make sure you’ve securely looped the wire around the ends of the flowers and through the teeth of the comb, cut any excess floral wire and tuck it using floral tape or a hot glue gun (wait for the glue to cool down) around the ends of each flower to create a clean finished look.

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You can celebrate the spring carnival season wherever you may be. Show us your DIY floral fascinators on or on using the hashtag #AlwaysInterflora and #InterfloraAU.

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