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13 Easter Flower Arrangements Ideas for a Colourful Celebration

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Symbolising resurrection and new beginnings, Easter marks a time of spiritual reflection, a promise of new life, and joyous celebrations for many. It is a special season when friends and family gather around, as well as a time for awakening blooms to burst with vibrant colours and fragrant florals to add warmth to your heartwarming occasions.

Gifting beautiful Easter flower arrangements or adding them into your living spaces could make your moments and gatherings even more memorable. Celebrate your occasions with the beauty of Easter floral ideas and blooms such as irises, lilies, and roses, among others to adorn your home and elevate your gatherings this season.

From traditional centrepieces to whimsical bouquets, we delve into the art of Easter flower arrangements and what stunning florals are in bloom to make your Easter festivities even more beautiful.

Easter Flower Arrangements Featuring Lilies  

Renowned for their elegance and purity, lilies hold a profound symbolism during the Easter season. They represent resurrection and the promise of new life –and are quintessential additions to Easter flower arrangements. 

Their trumpet-shaped blossoms are often in classic white or beautiful pastel hues. They are used to adorn altars or grace tabletop centrepieces. With their stunning petals, incorporating these timeless blooms into your Easter flower arrangement adds spiritual significance and aesthetic appeal to your Easter festivities. 

1. Enchanting Florals 

This exquisite Easter floral arrangement showcases captivating pink hue lilies that are complemented by delicate dancing lady orchids, the vertical accents of snapdragons, and soft-toned roses. With a touch of lushness and texture from the molucca balm and viburnum, this lily Easter flower arrangement is expertly arranged in a white ceramic cylinder vase, giving a sleek and contemporary base for the flowers to shine. Whether you choose this as a centrepiece at home or in the office, this lily and orchid arrangement will surely make an enchanting display for any Easter occasion. 

Enchanting Florals

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2. Lilies En Masse 

The "Lilies En Masse" arrangement is an exquisite Easter floral idea that combines oriental lilies in a combination of colours. With 15 stems of lilies, it showcases a lavish and abundant display that will impress and delight guests during your Easter celebrations. It's a perfect Easter flower arrangement for those looking to express their emotions, and simply bring joy to someone’s day with the gift of flowers. 

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3. Sweet Lily

Designed with only the best blooms of the season, this beautiful Easter flower arrangement features striking pink oriental lilies curated in a white wrap. These pink oriental lilies are ideal for floral surprises on birthdays, milestones, and Easter occasions. 

Sweet Lily

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4. Lily and Rose 

Light, bright, and with a hint of purple, this Easter flower idea shows the beautiful combination of the Lily-Rose flower arrangement. This design is arranged with white lilies highlighted by purple roses. Perfectly handcrafted by a local florist, this stunning mix is delivered in a chic white hat box, tied with a white ribbon and ready to elevate any dining table with its dreamlike, colourful charm. 

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Easter Flower Arrangements Featuring Roses 

Known to be timeless symbols of love and beauty, roses hold a meaningful significance during the Easter season. Their elegant blooms range in many hues, from soft pastels to vibrant reds, each expressing their own heartfelt messages, sentiments, and love. In Easter flower arrangements, roses offer diverse Easter floral ideas that could add a touch of sophistication and elevate the ambience of Easter celebrations. From bouquets to centrepieces and accents, these diverse blooms give floral designs a sense of reverence and joy to make every occasion even more memorable.

5. Yellow Roses

Inspired by Van Gogh’s oil painting, Glass with Yellow Roses, this Easter flower arrangement shows a beautiful contrast of yellow flowers that give a subtle but stunning image for any living space. Displayed in a glass vase with lemon spray roses, the yellow roses floral arrangement make a pleasant floral surprise to add joy to any Easter occasion. Every purchase of this arrangement also supports the work of The Van Gogh Museum.  

Yellow Roses

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6. Sunny Splendour

Brighten someone's day this Easter season with this charming and cheerful posy in a box. This sunny bouquet features a dazzling combination of white roses, yellow mini gerbera, yellow spray roses, dancing lady orchids, molucca balm, Queen Anne's lace, and matricaria, all artfully arranged in a white large box. This vibrant floral gift in a box makes the perfect sunny Easter floral arrangement to add joy and warmth whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just because.

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7. Colourful Blooms

With its burst of colours and elegant presentation, this beautiful bouquet features a vibrant array of hot pink roses, orange spray roses,  yellow mini gerberas and more. It is arranged in a glass cylinder vase, giving a stylish display of the stunning flowers, and tied with a hot pink satin ribbon to complete the overall look of the arrangement. 

This "Colourful Blooms Bouquet in Vase" makes a vibrant addition to your Easter flower arrangements for any occasion where you want to convey joy, happiness, and warmth.

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8. Garden Blooms

Brighten up your Easter occasions with these Garden Blooms. Designed with fresh seasonal flowers in a variety of colours, this floral arrangement showcases stunning blooms like pink and yellow roses, orange flowers and orchids in a glass vase. The charming combination of blooms makes a wonderful addition to your Easter flower ideas at home or for any occasion this season.

Garden Blooms

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Easter Flower Arrangements Featuring Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies symbolise innocence, purity, and joy, making them delightful additions to Easter flower arrangements. Their vibrant colours and playful appearance evoke a sense of optimism and celebration, perfectly capturing the spirit of the season. Whether they are arranged in bouquets or used as accents in Easter floral centrepieces, gerbera daisies infuse any space with warmth and happiness. Incorporating these charming flowers makes a wonderful Easter floral idea for seasonal decor that could bring a sense of light-heartedness and festivity to your living space and celebrations.

9. Gerberas and More

Add colour to your Easter occasions with bright yellow and orange blooms highlighted by deep purples in this stunning mixed flower bouquet. Perfectly curated, wrapped, and tied with a ribbon, this floral arrangement would be a beautiful gift for almost any occasion. 


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10. Ginger Blooms

This stunning posy features a gorgeous combination of orange mini gerberas, peach snapdragons, yellow alstroemeria, orange spray roses, apricot sim carnations, gum, and ivy berry foliage. For a final touch of style, an orange satin ribbon trim is added to the hessian bag to complement the flowers’ vibrant colours. Whether as an Easter floral arrangement or as an Easter floral surprise, this arrangement is perfect for any occasion that calls for a burst of rustic colour and elegant charm.

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11. Orange Zest Posy

The "Orange Zest Posy'' is a floral burst of sunshine designed in a mini box. This floral arrangement features a stunning array of orange flowers, curated in a compact style that is perfect for gifting or as a stylish floral accent. This includes orange mini gerberas, peach snapdragon, yellow alstroemeria, and orange spray rose. With their bold and vibrant colours, they create a stunning display of orange hues, sure to delight anyone's day.

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Easter Flower Arrangements Featuring Irises 

Known for its striking beauty and intricate petals, irises hold a significant symbolism during the Easter season. They represent faith, wisdom, and hope –adding a touch of elegance to Easter flower arrangements. With vibrant colours ranging from deep purples to delicate blues and whites, the iris embodies the spiritual journey of the season. Incorporating irises into floral arrangements for Easter infuses them with a sense of reverence and grace, elevating moments of celebration and reflection. 

12. Purple Iris

Inspired by the Irises painting of Van Gogh, Interflora™ Australia’s team of local florists designed this Easter floral arrangement of irises paired with leather fern for a bold ray of purple this Easter season. Every purchase of this Easter flower arrangement also supports the work of The Van Gogh Museum.

Purple Iris

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Easter Flower Arrangements Featuring African Violets 

African violets, with their delicate blooms and lush foliage, share messages of faithfulness and spirituality, making them meaningful additions to Easter flower arrangements. Their myriad of colours, ranging from rich purples to soft pinks, give the essence of renewal and the joy of Easter celebrations. Adding African violets as Easter floral ideas for gifts or decorations brings a sense of serenity and beauty to homes, and enhances the festive atmosphere of the season.

13. African Violets

This Easter, give the gift of the perfect flowering pot plant for a loved one. African Violets are known to be wonderful blooms for many occasions such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. This Easter floral arrangement of African Violets is put together in a natural weave basket and decorated with coconut fibre as a delightful and charming surprise. It’s the perfect indoor plant gift for plant lovers no matter the occasion. 

INT00068_March Blog_Easter Flower Arrangement_Image 7_560x400pxl.png

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Bringing Easter Floral Ideas to Life This Season

From lilies to irises and African violets, Easter flower arrangements make stunning additions to the season’s meaningful celebrations and gifts with loved ones. As a time for reflection and renewal, each of these blooms represents its own message of hope, new life, love and joy that we could give to our homes and the people around us. 

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