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9 Best Easter Gifts for Families and Friends (2024)

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During Easter, flowers are commonly seen in celebrations, home decorations, and gifts during the season. This is because flowers symbolise renewal, hope, and mirror the themes of resurrection and new beginnings, especially in the Christian faith. 

But whatever Easter may mean to you, our Interflora Easter Collection captures the magic of the season with a wide variety of special Easter gifts all curated with premium Easter flowers in Australia. From Easter egg hampers to floral surprises with all kinds of Easter flower types, we are here to help you make your Easter celebrations even more special. 

See our Easter gift guide with the 9 best Easter gifts for families and friends made with the finest array of blooms to select from this season.

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Easter Bouquets

1. Assorted Easter Bouquet

With Easter just around the corner, you could surprise your loved one with Interflora’s beautiful Assorted Easter Bouquet. This Easter gift is a floral arrangement designed with Easter flowers of Australia such as peach disbud mums, apricot carnations, white alstroemeria, green chrysanthemum and many more! All these light-coloured blooms are wrapped into white kraft and lemon embossed paper and then tied together with a pink and white satin ribbon finish.

To make your Easter gift even more personalised for your moments and celebrations, you could also customise your Easter bouquet with an add-on Miffy stuffed toy or chocolates.

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2. Pink Gerbera Bouquet with Miffy

This chic Pink Gerbera Bouquet with Miffy makes an exquisite addition to your Easter bouquet choices that will add colour to your seasonal celebrations. 

Perfectly stunning in pink hues, this Easter gift is curated with a variety of radiant blooms like gerberas and carnations, all complemented with white alstroemeria nestled in between other colourful flowers and presented in pristine white paper wrap and satin ribbons. Adding charm to this sweet Miffy floral surprise, this floral arrangement also includes a charming grey Miffy that’s ready to hop into your order for Easter flowers of Australia and brighten your loved ones’ holiday spirits.

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3. Yellow Gerbera Bouquet with Miffy

Introducing our Easter Parade Flowers, also known as the Yellow Gerbera Bouquet with Miffy. This Easter gift is a stunning floral arrangement designed with a combination of white and yellow blooms, complete with an adorable matching white Miffy doll that is ideal for both display and cuddling. 

This cheerful Miffy flower bouquet showcases vibrant yellow gerberas, lush green carnations, and delicate white alstroemeria that’s wrapped up in white kraft paper and lemon embossed paper all complemented with yellow and white satin ribbons.

It's the perfect Easter gift to brighten someone's day. Surprise a loved one with this delightful bouquet and spread the joy of the season today!

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Easter Flower Arrangements with Chocolate Easter Eggs!

4. Easter Vase Arrangement with Chocolate Easter Eggs

Celebrate Easter with loved ones in the sweetest way possible with a delightful combination of fresh flowers and chocolate Easter eggs. 

Surprise friends and family with this stunning Easter gift, featuring a premium flower arrangement presented in a reusable vase. Designed with Easter flowers of Australia, this is curated with various Easter flower types such as peach disbud mums, pink snapdragons, apricot carnations, and more. And the chocolate Easter eggs would make a wonderful addition to treat the kids too! 

Whether you are looking for flowers for Easter gifts or Easter egg hampers in Australia, Interflora™ Australia’s collection will surely bring joy and warmth to your holiday when you place your orders today. Select this Easter gift online and make your celebration even more memorable.

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5. Sunflower and Rose Vase Arrangement with Miffy and Chocolate Easter Eggs

Indulge this season with the Luxury Easter Gift pack that features a stunning array of flowers. This floral arrangement includes vibrant sunflowers, mauve and pink spray roses, touches of purple lisianthus as well as green chrysanthemums all elegantly arranged in a vase. 

Accompanied by a charming white Miffy toy and delectable chocolate Easter eggs, it’s the ultimate Easter gift for dads and mums, friends, and even the little ones. Spoil them with the freshness and beauty of Interflora™ Australia’s flowers to colour your Easter festivities this season. Place your orders now to ensure a swift delivery for your delightful Easter surprise for those you cherish.

Order Sunflower and Rose Vase Arrangement with Miffy and Chocolate Easter Eggs Online

6. Easter Floral Arrangement with Chocolate Easter Eggs

Celebrate Easter in style with our bestselling sunflower arrangement, now available! Surprise a cherished friend or family member with this heartwarming Easter gift. Overflowing with vibrant sunflowers, elegant mauve and pink spray roses, delicate sweet Williams and more, this Easter surprise will surely bring joy to their day for any occasion. 

Complete the gesture with a delectable side of Easter egg chocolates, making it a perfect treat for this season. 

Order Easter Floral Arrangement with Chocolate Easter Eggs Online

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Easter Flower Hamper with Chocolate Easter Eggs

7. Chocolate Easter Eggs, Miffy and Flower Hamper

Designed to delight your chocolate aficionado loved ones and little ones, this irresistible Easter gift hamper is our ultimate surprise from Interflora™ Australia’s Easter collection! 

Bursting with an array of delectable chocolate eggs and accompanied by the adorable Miffy toy, this Easter egg hamper promises the gift of smiles all around for your joyous occasions.

Moreover, this exclusive hamper features a stunning fresh flower arrangement showcasing a medley of Easter flowers of Australia such as gerberas, carnations, freesia, and pink spray roses elegantly displayed in a vase. Going above and beyond for your Easter surprise only takes a few clicks this Easter season. Browse more of our Easter collection and find a gift for your beautiful family.

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Easter Posy in Vase

8. Yellow Easter Posy in Vase

Make this season even sweeter with our delightful Yellow Easter Blooms! This charming floral arrangement features different Easter flower types in a wide variety of fresh yellow and white blooms, such as white polaris chrysanthemums, lisianthus, yellow spray roses, and freesia! This would make a wonderful Easter gift for dads and mums, or could also be a charming addition to your vibrant displays at home. The Easter flower arrangement is also presented in a reusable glass vase, making it a gift that keeps on giving even after your Easter celebrations. 

Elevate your flower arrangement by adding a selection of complementary products like chocolates, wine, or a cute Miffy toy for an extra touch of Easter cheer!

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9. Pink Easter Posy in Vase

This Easter, brighten someone’s day with Interflora™ Australia’s lovely Pink Easter Blooms! Curated with a beautiful mix of fresh pink and white flowers, this Easter gift features delicate white chrysanthemums, charming pink spray roses, and fragrant sweet William. These beautiful florals are presented in a reusable glass, making it a practical addition to your loved one’s home decor and a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness. 

Enhance your gift with optional add-ons like chocolates, wine, or a lovable Miffy toy, ensuring your gesture is as delightful as it is memorable. Surprise someone’s Easter with this stunning pink flower arrangement. Place your orders today for a swift flower delivery!

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Make Grand Gestures

The Easter season represents many themes of new beginnings, renewal, and hope. In celebration of this time, surprise your loved ones with intentional heartfelt gestures by giving them our exquisite Easter floral arrangements and Easter hampers. 

Our collection of surprises features an elegant assortment of Easter flower types from sunflowers to roses, pink spray roses, and chrysanthemums, all beautifully arranged to evoke the spirit of the season. To make your Easter gift even more personalised, you could complement your surprises with add-ons such as a charming white Miffy toy, delectable chocolate and many more for a truly indulgent celebration! 

Don't miss the chance to spoil your loved ones with this unforgettable treat! Share your Easter gifting choices on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #InterfloraAU and #Interflora, and let the world know about your thoughtful gesture.


1. What gifts are given at Easter?

While most common gifts at Easter include Easter eggs, chocolates, and other delectable sweets, you could also surprise loved ones with Easter flowers or Easter egg hampers to make your moments even more special

2. What do you put in an Easter basket for adults?

You can put Easter eggs, chocolates, candies, floral arrangements, toys or a Miffy bouquet, or even Easter egg hampers.

3. What do families usually give each other on Easter Sunday?

Families often give their little ones Miffy toys, Easter chocolates, or sweets during celebrations. Additionally, you can give floral bouquets, vase arrangements, or Easter egg hampers if you want to add a floral touch to your Easter.

4. What are the traditions of Easter in Australia?

In Australia, Easter is celebrated in many different ways. These could include Easter egg hunts, giving chocolate eggs, and giving Easter gifts to loved ones such as sweets, toys, and Easter flower arrangements.

5. What can you give for Easter instead of candy?

If candy is out of the option, you could surprise friends and family with stunning Easter floral vase arrangements or even a Miffy with a Bouquet.

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