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Facts About Diwali Traditions You May Not Know

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Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a five day festival. Diwali is iconic for its vibrant beautiful lights, aromatic foods, and bright fireworks. It is known as a Hindu festival but is also celebrated by Sikhs and Jains where celebrations last for five days. The exact days change each year as it is determined by the position of the moon but it often falls between October and November. In 2023, the festival begins on the 12th of November.

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Diwali traditions and facts
Here are some facts about the Diwali tradition that you may not know:
  1. The bright lights seen at Diwali are used to defeat darkness as Diwali falls on a moonless night. These lights are placed on the walls and entrances of houses with fireworks and firecrackers lighting the night sky.
  2. Different stories are celebrated during Diwali that involve various Gods. Some involve Vishnu while others involve Krishna and other Gods.
  3. Each day of Diwali has a different celebration. On the first day, homes are cleaned and gold is bought to help bring luck to their homes. The following day, celebrants create rangoli on the floor of their homes. The third day consists of prayer with a feast and a fireworks display following after. The fourth day marks the first day of the Hindu new year where families visit each other and shower each other with gifts and best wishes. On the final day of Diwali, brothers visit their married sisters and share a meal.
  4. “Shubh Deepavali” is a greeting used to mean ‘have a successful Diwali’.
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