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Floral Ice Cubes

3 min read
Floral Ice Cubes 1.jpeg

Floral ice cubes – never heard of them? These creative ice cubes are so simple and beautiful. If you’re looking for an easy way to jazz up your summer cocktails, then look no further. Forget salted rims, slices of lime or precariously perched strawberries, these floral ice cubes take the cake every time.

Stick to a colour scheme or tap into all the colours of the rainbow; the options are endless. It’s important to ensure your choice blooms are edible, so be sure to double check before setting them in ice.

Floral Ice Cubes 3.jpeg

Keen to try it yourself? It takes just 3 easy steps and little bit of patience (definitely don’t decide to do this last minute - the ice needs time to set). If you’re not sure which flowers to use, we suggest vibrant beauties such as roses, nasturtiums, snapdragons, orchids, pansies or even lavender!

Floral Ice Cubes 2.jpeg

How to make floral ice cubes:

Step 1.
In order for your flowers to appear suspended in ice, you’ll need to operate in layers. Place your flowers face-down in the cubes of your ice tray and 1/4 fill with water and freeze.

Step 2.
Add more water, filling the ice tray halfway and continue to freeze.

Step 3.
Fill with more water until full and freeze one last time. Remove the floral ice cubes from their tray when ready to serve!

Helpful Hints
1. Bigger ice cubes create a more visually appealing finish.
2. Using silicone ice cube trays will allow you to more easily release your ice cubes with minimal damage.
3. Using distilled water will give you clearer ice cubes, allowing the flowers to shine through more vibrantly. You can buy distilled water from major supermarkets, or alternatively, you can boil water in your kettle and allow it to cool completely before filling your ice tray.

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