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Floral Perfumes with Your Favourite Flower Scent

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We asked you which floral scents you find most impressive and you gave us your answer! With that information in our hands, we decided to find out which of those floral scents feature in some of the most popular floral perfumes on the market. With some extensive research, we've compiled our list of floral fragrances to help you find your signature flower scent!


Gardenia: Would you believe that this beautiful white bloom is actually part of the coffee family? Native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and Australasia, this little pretty produces a scent reminiscent of tropical getaways and is actually commonly featured in many popular perfumes!

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia: The first aromas to strike you with this darling fragrance are the top notes of red berries and pear. And then come the gardenias. With heart notes of gardenia and frangipani flower and base notes of patchouli and brown sugar accord, this delicate fragrance is a great choice for a lover of sweet


Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle is an arching plant (or vine plant) with trumpet shaped blossoms in white or pink. With its thick sweet scent and pretty little petals, it might be easy to let this little bloom flourish in your garden but don’t let your adoration overcome you, if not properly maintained this fragrant beauty can be quite a pest with some varieties known to reach 30 feet tall! In some parts of the world the sweet honeysuckle has earned itself the badge of ‘unwanted weed’.

Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea and Honeysuckle: Launched in 2013, this fragrance is touted as a floral green fragrance for modern women. With a light, fresh and vibrant scent, it makes for the perfect spring/summer signature scent. With top notes of bergamot, lemon, green tea, tangerine and boysenberry and middle notes of honeysuckle, it’s a vibrant blend of fresh citric aromas and sweet floral scents with a musky finish.


Jasmine: This blooming beauty is actually part of the olive family and is known for its fragrant, rejuvenating and energising properties. Commercially produced for its fragrant flowers (often used to construct garlands) and essential oils, it comes as no surprise that this petite flower is a common ingredient in a wide variety of popular perfumes.

Bulgari Mon Jasmin: This floral woody scent is a perfect evening fragrance for the lovers of jasmine. With a light elegant and feminine scent, it boasts notes of jasmine absolute, gardenia and almond blended with wood, licorice and tonka bean.


Freesia: This vibrant, funnel-shaped beauty is native to South Africa and is beloved for its peppery scent. Found in all the colours of the rainbow, each colour produces a different scent - the white freesia is more spicy while the blue heaven and volcano variations are much less pungent.

Gucci Rush: One of the most recognised fragrances by Gucci, this fresh and flowery fragrance first reveals soft and sweet notes of rose, freesia and musk. Wood notes blend with green palm, oakmoss and narcissus, to leave an exotic and refreshing trail - it's perfect for daytime wear.


Daphne: Native to China, Japan and Korea, Daphne Odora is renowned for its incredibly fragrant, soft pink tubular flowers. Pure and sweet as this scent may be, it is not a common ingredient in many perfumes. In fact, if you desire to start your day with a spritz of Daphne you’ll likely need to search out one of the few fragrances specifically designed around the lovely bloom.

Olivina Napa Valley Cielo: With top notes of daphne, you’ll be immediately bathed in the soft, sweetness of the fragrant flower. Olivina Napa Valley Cielo presents warm middle notes of grape leaf, fig, honeysuckle and honey, and base notes of oak and sandalwood.


Jonquils: This much-loved bulbous flowering plant, native to Spain and Portugal, is more commonly known as the daffodil. Bright as sunshine, these beautiful blooms not only look great in a bouquet but also emit a fragrance that has been bottled by many perfume manufacturers.

Estee Lauder Youth Dew EDP: This spicy, oriental fragrance boasts top notes of rose, jonquil and lavender, middle notes of jasmine, muguet and spices and base notes of moss, vetiver and patchouli. Rich and opulent, Youth Dew gives lovers of jonquil a fragrance to call their own.


Peonies: This beautiful bloom is not only a wedding favourite but also a popular choice when it comes to creating popular perfumes. With a fresh floral scent, this pretty blossom blends well with many other flowers making it the perfect ingredient for a fragrance bursting with floral notes.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet: Said to pay homage to Christian Dior's passion for flowers, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet presents a perfume teeming with the fresh floral fragrance of peonies and citric mandarins combined with soft white musk.


Boronia: This native bloom found all over Australia absolutely flourishes in Western Australia. Part of the citrus family, Boronia has a sweet, fruity fragrance reminiscent of raspberries and violets with a dash of dry woodiness.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren: Ralph is bursting with fresh citric and floral aromas, making it the perfect summer signature fragrance to spritz all over. Launched in 2000, Ralph has remained a steady favourite amongst the range. With top notes of Japanese osmanthus, apple leaf and Italian mandarin, middle notes of magnolia, boronia and yellow freesia and base notes of musk and white iris, it’s a perfect light, fresh and floral fragrance for any occasion.

Oriental Lilies.jfif

Oriental Lilies: This bulb flower, native to the temperate northern hemisphere, comes in diverse colours, shapes and sizes but what they all have in common is fragrance - they all smell great!

DKNY Be Delicious Golden Delicious: With top notes of orange flower water, sparkling mirabelle and signature golden delicious apple, this fragrance by DKNY is a sweet and fruity fragrance to start. Middle notes bring a bouquet of white rose, Casablanca lily, and vanilla orchid. The fragrance then settles with base notes of sensual Musk, sandalwood and teakwood. A perfect blend of sweet, floral and spicy musk, this fragrance makes itself a signature scent for lovers of the Oriental Lily.


Tuberose: These sweet white tubular blossoms have perhaps the most interesting history in the fragrance world. With their opulent, velvety scent, in earlier more conservative years, they earned themselves the reputation as the ‘harlot of perfumery’.

Gucci Flora Gracious Tuberose: This rich floral fragrance is crisp and lively. Perfect for any occasion, its top notes present the scent of violet leaves and peach, while heart notes relay the elicit creaminess of tuberose along with orange flower and rose.

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