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Beautiful flower art ideas for your Christmas presents

3 min read
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If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your Christmas gifts this year, art is a creative way to give something personal to a loved one. Flower art will add colour and fragrance to your Christmas present. There are many flower art options to choose from, so we have a few ideas that you can use this Christmas.


Paint a Flower Portrait

Painting a portrait of flowers is a fun way to send a personalised gift that has your personality injected into the present. You don’t have to be the next Van Gogh to create a flower portrait. Painting flowers can be more complex or simple depending on the type of flower and style you are trying to achieve. There are many flower tutorials online that can guide you through the process to create a beautiful, meaningful Christmas present.

If you need a flower arrangement to stand in as your subject, order one online with Interflora. We offer a range of flowers with vibrant colours and unique textures to help inspire you to create a masterpiece. Order a flower arrangement online with Interflora today. 

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Flower Pressed Christmas Cards

While it is always a joy to give and receive flowers, why not give flowers that can last forever by pressing the flowers? These flowers can then be used on a Christmas card to give it colour and texture that is normally difficult to replicate. Depending on the flower used, it may retain some of the fragrance the flower once had. 

If you are not sure how to press flowers, check out our blog where we give a step-by-step guide to get you started. 

Any flowers can be used, but we recommend using flowers such as the ‘Capricorn’ arrangement filled with vibrant with carnations, roses and snapdragons. Traditionally, pressed flowers work best with flowers that have flat petals; however, with these flowers, they can yield the same results by splitting the flower into two halves. This has the bonus of giving more flowers on your canvas without having to buy more flowers. 

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Painted Flower Pot

If your loved one is an avid gardener, why not give them a personal pot that you have decorated? All that is required is a terracotta pot and some acrylic paints and brushes. There is no limit on what you can paint on the pot whether it be something that complements the garden or bright patterns to make it stand out.

What creative Christmas gift ideas do you have this year? Share with us your ideas on Facebook or Instagram using the #InterfloraAU hashtag.

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