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Flower Crowns at Stems Brooklyn

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Flower girls are no longer the sole individuals experiencing the privilege of donning flower crowns. Flower crowns have traversed the divide from formal wear to everyday glam, and we love it! And so does the talented team of florists at Stems Brooklyn.

Receiving more flower crown requests than ever before, Stems are celebrating the world’s newfound obsession by offering fun-filled flower crown workshops for individuals celebrating birthdays or even organising bachelorette parties.

Stem’s owner and talented florist, Suzanna Cameron, took some time out to chat with us about flower crowns, the exciting workshops on offer at Stems and why people are choosing fresh flower crowns over fake-flower alternatives.

"Real crowns have such incredible energy to them, as well as fragrance" she says.

"You can personalize fresh crowns far more than silk flowers or other alternative flowers."

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While some might think that fresh flower crowns have a limited lifespan, Suzanna assures us that they can be impressive fashion accessories long after their freshly-picked glow has faded.

"There are advantages of both (fresh and fake flowers) but the way I see it is that after your fresh crown goes you can always dry them and wear again! I attended a festival recently and rocked a dried crown that was still beautiful on the second go round!"

It’s true, flower crowns are the latest fashion statement; flower crowns adorn runway models and festival-goers alike – it’s the year of the flower crown it would seem, and it’s a trend that Stems has witnessed firsthand. "We have had a surge of requests. From a more wildflower look to giant peonies, for a more high-fashion look" Suzanna says. It's incredible the amount of crowns we’ve made this year, as well as the popularity of our crown workshops!

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These workshops are the latest trend to come out of the all-encompassing love of flower crowns that has erupted the world over, and they’re the perfect idea for bachelorette parties and birthdays. Stem’s workshops are all about creativity and fun, Suzanna says. "Our flower crown workshops/parties are the MOST fun project we do!"

"During our workshops/parties you learn how to make the frame of the crown, which is customized to your head, flower weaving and selecting the perfect stems. It's extremely interactive and helps each person get in touch with their own creative juices. The beauty of making a flower crown is that it’s incredibly personal and the options are endless!"

"Put all the flowers in the front, put them all in the back, wrap them around, multi-coloured or monochrome, it’s all up to you!" she says. Stems isn’t your average flower shop. Located in Sycamore Bar, this trendy flower shop is able to provide a service unlike any other. "We host parties at Sycamore where you can build crowns with your friends while sipping on cocktails, it’s pretty much the dream!" "When it comes to making flower crowns, not all flowers are created equal", Suzanna says. "The best flowers for crowns, as far as longevity, are any of the ‘pom pom’ or ‘spray’ varieties" she says."That's spray roses, mums, carnations and peonies or delphiniums. As far as foliage, you can use just about anything: ruscus, myrtle, wax flower, eucalyptus, pinkberry, liatris."

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Keen to make a flower crown of your very own? Suzanna gave us some tips to help you on your way. "Make sure you use a longer lasting flower with a hardy stem, by this I mean flowers like tulips, (that have a very water heavy stem), are not going to last as long" Suzanna says. Use a less coarse wire and make sure you wire stems on nice and snug. A good rule of thumb is to leave about 1.5 inches of stem on the blossom to ensure proper security.

Love flower crowns? Take a look at more amazing creations from the team at Stems on their Pinterest and Instagram accounts.

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