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Flower Decor Ideas For Your Home

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Now more than ever, it’s important to have a homespace that can feel at peace in. Especially while we are in isolation and working from home, adding floral decorative touches can add a little brightness to your space, and help turn your home into a place of tranquility. 

A simple fresh flower bouquet is always a good idea, but there’s so much more you can do. There are a wide range of floral décor ideas so you can incorporate beautiful flowers almost anywhere in your home. Read on to see some of our favourite floral decor ideas we can’t wait to try in our own homes.


Floral Initials

Show some personality by incorporating flowers into a monogram for your bedroom. For example, you could stencil your family name to a slab of wood or on a board, and decorate it with an assortment of silk flowers. This décor idea could also make for a great gift!

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Floral Chandelier

Creative floral decorations can be incorporated into any space around your home and they don’t have to be time-consuming, complicated, or expensive. Floral chandeliers may sound challenging but they're quite the opposite. Escaping classic metallic chandeliers and opting for an innovative floral chandelier as an addition to your home décor will make all the difference. Hanging a rustic floral ceiling mount is a simple way to use flowers and still have an eye-catching effect. Mix and match flowers to complement your home decor.


Floral Strings Guided Wall Art

Instead of the classic hanging string lights, opt for floral strings and whimsical garlands, or you can reuse your existing string lights and incorporate flowers throughout. You can easily tie an assortment of vibrant real or faux flowers using string. They’re one of the best floral decor ideas when you want to opt for something beautiful, that makes a statement, and is not too complicated to put together.  

Flower Shelves

We all love the idea of more storage for our green friends. How does the idea of a creative greenery accent wall sound to you? These wall mount shelves fit just about anywhere you need them to display real or faux plants and flowers. It’s not as hard as it sounds to make wooden boxes or rustic wall mounts into hanging shelves. This DIY project requires minimal supplies and will become a beautiful focal point for any space indoors or out.

Dried & Pressed Flower Frames

If the idea of drying and pressing flowers sounds intriguing, this one's for you! Preserve the delicate beauty of your favourite blooms all year round by pressing them and creating a DIY botanical artwork, displayed in a frame. These framed botanicas can look as busy or as minimalist as you like. The beauty about DIY wall art is being able to select the flowers, colours and quantity that suit your personal style. Some of the heirloom flowers that press well are Calendula, Dahlias, French Marigolds & the Japanese Anemone. 

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