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50 flower inspired baby names

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Expecting a baby is an exciting time, but it can be difficult to decide on the perfect name for your child.

To help you narrow it down we have a flower inspired solution. Why not name your baby something inspired by the beauty of nature?

Flower names have gorgeous meanings and make a timeless choice.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite baby names inspired by our favourite blooms and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect name for your new born!


1. Acacia – The Acacia flower is small but mighty. They are a symbol for love, friendship and elegance.

2. Aster – Asters are popular daisy-like blooms that represent patience, elegance and daintiness, and make a cute gender-neutral name.

3. Azalea – A symbol of femininity and softness, and a beautiful name for a girl.

4. Basil – A popular boys name shared with a fragrant herb with purple and white flowers.

5. Bluebell – Bluebells embody humility and gratitude and make for a strong girls name. Popularised by Ginger Spice who named her daughter Bluebell, and an on-trend name for 2018!

6. Blossom – Meaning ‘to bloom’ or ‘flower’, Blossom is a bright and cute name for a little girl.

7. Carnation – Carnations stand for love, fascination and distinction, and while commonly associated with Mother’s Day, the name can also be used as a name for a baby girl.

8. Camellia – A unique girls name which came from the Camellia flower; a creamy, sweetly perfumed rose admired across the globe.

9. Calla – The Calla Lily is associated with faith, purity and beauty, and is Greek for “beautiful”.


10. Cedar – A name usually used for a boy, but also makes a unique name for a girl. The Cedar flower embodies healing and protective properties.

11. Clover – The Clover has long been associated with good luck in Ireland, making Clover a charming girls name chosen by celebs Neal McDonough and Natasha Gregson Wagner!

12. Corey – A unisex name that is more commonly used for boys, Corey is the short form of Coreopsis, a long-lasting flower with a light-hearted meaning of ‘always cheerful’.

13. Cypress – Cypress flowers resemble a five-pointed star, and the name is a strong unisex name that is increasingly popular for boys.

14. Daisy – A popular, bright flower that symbolises innocence, purity, and happiness that also makes a trendy girls name. Daisies are sweet blooms used in bouquets and floral arrangements like Lila.

15. Dahlia – Denoting dignity and elegance, Dahlia is a unique name for a girl derived from the stunning Dahlia blossom.

16. Fern – A sweet girls name that will never go out of style, and with the meaning of new life, it is the perfect name for a new born.

17. Fiorella – An Italian name, meaning ‘flower’, is a bright and fresh name for a girl.


18. Fleur – An incredibly on-trend, chic and elegant girls name which is the French word for ‘flower’.

19. Hazel – Hazel is a tree, but the Witch Hazel flower is a yellow flower that is a long-standing symbol of protection, and a striking name for a baby girl.

20. Heather – Heather is an exquisite pink and purple flowering plant that thrives in Scotland and symbolises admiration.

21. Holly – Known for its red berries, the Holly tree produces white flowers first that then turn into berries, and it’s the flowers that are known for protection and defence. Holly makes a chic girls name that will never go out of style.

22. Hyacinth – Hyacinth is actually a name for a young man in Greek mythology but has long been used as a girl’s name. It is also a beautiful bulbous flowering plant symbolising constancy and sincerity.

23. Indigo – Indigo is a plant from India that creates a deep bluish-purple dye that is jewel-like, it’s a new-gen name that has gained popularity for both genders.

24. Iris – Iris is a purple flower getting its name from the Greek word rainbow. It is an old name that has regained traction, it will make an intriguing choice for your baby girl.

25. Ivy – The Ivy bloom is quite interesting with unique green flowers and tiny yellow specks. Ivy represents eternity, strong affection and fidelity. Beyoncé and Jay-Z brought the name into fashion when they named their daughter Blue Ivy.


26. Jasmine – Its creamy blossoms and gorgeous fragrance is sought after for perfumes and teas, and the flower evokes love and romance. Burst into popularity by Disney Princess Jasmine, it is a perfect name for your little princess.

27. Lavender – Lavender is a symbol of femininity, it represents refinement, grace and elegance and has a stunning fragrance. Lavender is also a girl’s name that gained footing after Harry Potter character Lavender Brown, a true Gryffindor and member of Dumbledore’s Army.

28. Lilac – Their purple, pink and white blossoms symbolise spring as they bloom and fill the fresh air with fragrance. Lilacs embody love and youthful innocence.

29. Lily – A feminine name associated with lilies that signify humility and devotion, a beautiful name and a beautiful gift for a new born.

30. Magnolia – Magnolias are a symbol for dignity and nobility and make a unique name for a girl, chosen by Adrian Young, drummer of No Doubt, for his daughter.

31. Marigold – Marigolds are bright and vibrant blooms that represent passion and creativity, making it a lively and fresh name for a girl.

32. Myrtle – Myrtle is a pretty, trendy, and ubiquitous girls name that comes from a plant with white and pink fragrant berries. Myrtle is the symbol of love.

33. Olive – The olive flower is dainty, white and resembles a star. It’s a chic name chosen by celebs like Isla Fisher and Drew Barrymore for their little girls.


34. Petal – A flower’s petal is just one of many that make up its beautiful appearance. Petal is an unusual and down-to-earth name gaining popularity and chosen by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver for his daughter Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver.

35. Petunia – Petunia is a unique girl’s name that is shared with the Petunia flower, a well-known and popular flower.

36. Poppy – Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver named his eldest daughter Poppy. It’s a fun and fresh name with a whole lot of personality.

37. Posey – A bunch of flowers bring delight and joy, just as daughters bring happiness to their parents. So how about naming your child Posey, which means “a bunch of flowers”?

38. Primrose – This elegant and dainty bloom has the connotation of something special, just like your bundle of joy. The name was popularised by Primrose Everdeen, younger sister to protagonist Katniss in The Hunger Games.

39. Ren – In Japanese, the meaning of the name Ren is “Lotus.” It can be used for boys and girls and is a distinctive and current name choice.

40. Rose – A beautiful feminine name that has been used for centuries and is still a popular choice, and arguably the most popular flower in the world. The name Rose was commercialised by the movie ‘Titanic’.

41. Rosemary – Rosemary is a herb, but it grows beautiful small purple and white flowers, and these are the flowers that evoke love, lust and memory. It’s an old-fashioned name that still gets love today.


42. Saffron – Contrary to popular belief, the Saffron flower is not yellow; it’s actually purple. The stigmas inside are yellow, and that is what is commonly used as a spice. This is a gender-neutral name that stands for cheerfulness, gladness and youthfulness.

43. Senna – The Senna flower comes from the Senna plant which produces bright blue flowers year after year, the flower symbolises brightness and is an unusual and fresh name.

44. Sorrel – The red Sorrel flower calls the Caribbean its home and embodies affection. It’s a gender-neutral name that works for both sexes.

45. Viola – Viola is the Italian word for “Violet”, a beautiful purple flower. The flower symbolises innocence and love and shares its name with Oscar and Emmy winning actress Viola Davis.

46. Violet – With its beautiful purple-blue shade, the violet is one of the sweetest flowers to grow in the wild and stands for love and innocence. A-listers Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck named their daughter Violet.

47. Watson – The name Watson refers to the flower Watsonia and means ‘powerful warrior’. It’s the perfect name for a little boy.

48. William – Surprised to see William on this list? William is also the name of a sweet flower. Sweet William is associated with masculinity and is the symbol of gallantry and finesse. It also has a regal history that your little prince will enjoy.

49. Willow – The flowers of the willow tree, known to signify resilience, grace, and flexibility, has gained favour in the recent years as a baby girl name. Made trendy by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter Willow.

50. Zinnia – Zinnia is a beautiful bulb-shaped bloom that represents friendship, endurance, goodness and lasting affection. An interesting and unusual name for a baby girl.

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