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Flower Inspired Christmas Centrepieces

5 min read
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Preparing for Christmas at your place? 

While Christmas is a time to relax and enjoy a break with your loved ones, if you’re hosting the family for a Christmas lunch or friends for a festive dinner party, it can be stressful to say the least!

There’s plenty to think about – the food, the beverages, the décor…

 While it seems overwhelming now, no matter how it turns out, your friends and family are always going to be grateful and thankful for the effort you’ve put in to create a magical Christmas get-together.

Instead of stressing about it all at once, try to think about each part of your celebration separately, and then have fun with it.

Think about what you’d love to see on the table and let your creative flair take over!

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One of our favourite parts of Christmas season is decorating our spaces (at home or at work!) to create a stunning festive display.

Being in Australia, we’re in the midst of summer during Christmas. This means barbeques, backyard cricket, and jumping in the pool when the heat gets too much!

It also means that there are so many more options available for styling a table other than the traditional Christmas decorations found in cooler climates.

 We’ve put together our favourite ways to incorporate flowers into our Christmas decorations to share with you.

 Will one of these suggestions inspire your seasonal style?

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Think Natives and Wildflowers

Traditional Christmas decorations originate from Northern European countries and the flowers and plants used to create that look are native to the region.

 But we’re in Australia, so why not adorn our Christmas tables with flowers more styled to our country? We have so many stunning natives and wildflowers that should be celebrated, and they make a stylish yet relaxed table centrepiece.

There are so many ways to create a striking native and wildflower Christmas table.

For a long table, create a table runner by laying eucalyptus leaves across the middle of the table. Add height and texture by laying flowers and foliage over the top, mixing colours and flower types to invent a rustic chic look.


christmas centre piece.jfif

Light & Bright

Go against the grain and opt for non-traditional colours this Christmas. Choose a large, colourful and inviting arrangement to act as a table centrepiece.

Our favourite pieces introduce unexpected shades of pink and cream into the mix.

christmas table candle.jfif

Clean & Simple

 Keep things clean and simple this Christmas with an understated arrangement instead of a lavish table runner or large arrangement.

A unique Christmas themed floral arrangement that sits proudly by itself on a table makes for a stunning, minimalistic style.

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A Traditional Twist

Not ready to completely steer away from a traditional Christmas style?

There’s nothing wrong with the usual Christmas decorations and you don’t always need to reinvent the wheel, but sometimes it’s good to take a tried and tested idea and breathe new life into it.

Freshen up the traditional Christmas theme by keeping to the well-loved colour scheme of red, white and green, but change up flower types and use different textures to create a fresh look.

If you’re not ready for a DIY project, not to worry.

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How are you choosing to style your Christmas get-together? Head to our Facebook page and let us know your ideas!

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