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Flower Meanings for Valentine's Day

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With the iconic Valentine’s Day coming up fast on 14th February 2021, celebrate your love by sending flowers to those you care about. From friendship and lovers to family members and valued co-workers, there’s a flower or rose colour to fit any meaningful connection in your life.

Flowers are not only beautiful but also say a lot. On Valentine’s Day especially, flowers have held a long and rich symbolic significance to convey specific messages through a bouquet. With Valentine’s Day coming up fast, choosing a flower with meaning will add an extra special touch to your gift. 

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Regal Roses

Roses are unsurprisingly the most loved, conventional and quintessential flower for Valentine’s Day. Anything from a single long stemmed rose like First Kiss in a presentation box, to Desire Deluxe featuring two dozen roses in a glass vase, is the classic Valentine’s Day gift for your true love. Its beauty and fragrance has been written about throughout the ages and it is the most common and popular choice of flower among lovers to express their love, deepest desires and devotion. However, roses can also have different meanings depending upon their colour.

Red Roses

Red roses are an iconic symbol of deep, everlasting love and are clearly the most traditional choice on Valentine’s Day when it comes to sending flowers attached to messages of love and desire. Red roses symbolize passionate love, beauty, romance and perfection making it a truly romantic keepsake. With meaning like that, the popularity of red roses in arrangements such as Love Story (6 long stemmed red roses in a presentation box), a bouquet of Temptation (12 long stemmed red roses) or red blooms that are So Lovely (24 long stemmed red roses in a glass fishbowl), on V-Day should be no surprise.

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Pink Roses

Pink Roses are your ultimate go-to multipurpose colour if you want to express your gratitude, appreciation, or admiration to someone. Send them Key to My Heart or Sweet Kisses - an assortment of mixed pink roses in a glass bowl. The gentle nature of the luscious light blush pink roses indicate gentleness and grace as seen in the floral arrangements of Impulse and Now & Forever, making them the perfect gift for moms, siblings, and close friends. However, sending a more intense pink hue arrangement such as Everlasting Love will be a way of saying thank you, signifying gratitude and appreciation. So, whether they’re for your best friend, fiancée or ever-dependable co-worker, pink roses are sure to convey your message.

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The purity of white roses signifies purity, innocence, silence, reverence, humility and youthfulness. So, if you’re in a new relationship, send them an elegant but grand gesture of Grand Seduction featuring 12 long stemmed white roses in a presentation box along with chocolates, sparkling wine and a teddy bear. A smaller arrangement of Adore comes in a vase with 6 white roses that signify young love, will convey your respect to new beginnings and express hope for the future.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses signify friendship, joy and delight. Tell your best friend that there’s no one else you’d rather have by your side than them with the help of a few yellow rose arrangements such as Adore or Desire Deluxe. The sunny demeanour and positive attitude of these yellow roses make the perfect gift for truly anyone you care about.

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