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Flowers and Their Meaning: Spray Roses

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Spray roses are just about the sweetest little flowers there are. While they have the natural beauty of a rose, the overall feel of the spray rose is softened by its delicate and intricate features.

The ways in which the spray rose differs from a standard rose are in their size, structure (many spray roses have five flowers per stem) and in their uses. Classic rose bouquets often feature roses with long, sturdy stems and have long been a Valentine’s Day favourite. Spray roses don’t have this type of stem - they have short individual stems that grow from a single larger stem.

Because of their delicate size, they are perfect for intricate floristry pieces such as corsages, centrepieces and other small-scale arrangements. Spray roses are often combined with other flowers and foliage to create big, luscious bouquets.

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Spray Roses in the Language of Flowers

Spray roses have similar meanings to standard roses, although their smaller size and delicate features have a softening effect.

Red: Romantic love

It’s universally acknowledged that red roses represent romantic love. When it comes to expressing a true, long-lasting love, red roses are an optimal way to show it. 

Pink: Gratitude, Love, Appreciation

Pink roses represent grace, elegance, sweetness and poetic romance. The darker the shade, the more strongly it expresses thanks. Light pink roses on the other hand, are closely associated with tenderness and appreciation.

Yellow: Get well, Friendship and Happiness

With their sunny disposition, yellow roses represent happiness and friendship and have a cheering effect. Due to this positive expression, they are better suited to saying ‘get well’ and ‘thank you’, with their message of platonic love.

Lavender: Romance, Love at First Sight, Enchantment

Purple has traditionally always been associated with royalty. However, these days purple roses are often associated with femininity and sweetness.

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