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Flowers In Bloom In Winter

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Australia may be known for its warm and sunny climate, but the country also boasts a variety of flowers that bloom in the winter months. Despite the cooler temperatures, winter in Australia can be a beautiful time for the natural flora of the country. 


Our country is widespread and exposed to a range of different climates which is why different flowering plants will grow in winter months depending on the region you live in. Let’s find out what’s blooming in your area this winter.

Flowering Plants for Tropical Regions

The subtropical areas of Australia offer a unique climate that allows for a diverse range of plants to flourish all year round. Located in the northern regions of New South Wales and southern regions of Queensland, these areas are characterised by their mild winters and warm summers. 

Due to the lack of frost and extended growing seasons, many flowering plants that are typically found in warmer climates are able to thrive here. The subtropical climate provides ideal conditions for these plants to grow and produce an abundance of beautiful blooms. With the right care and maintenance, the floral display can be truly spectacular and can bring life and colour to any garden or landscape. 

Some of the standout flowering plants from this region include:

We also experience wet and dry tropical weather in Australia, and you’ll find this climate in north Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. This type of weather is ideal for growing winter flowering plants; some plants that thrive in this climate are:

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Flowering Plants for Inland Regions

Dry inland areas, also known as the outback regions of central Australia, are renowned for their arid climate and harsh conditions. Despite this, many stunning and hardy flowers can thrive in these environments, from classic varieties to native Australian species. These flowers are well adapted to the dry, hot conditions of the outback, and can add a touch of colour and beauty to an otherwise harsh landscape. 

Some popular varieties of flowers that are well-suited to the outback regions include:

Flowering Plants for Colder Regions

Tasmania, Melbourne and the southern tableland areas of Australia experience cold and frost in winter, though you can still have flowering plants in these areas.

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 Some plants that grow well in colder areas of Australia include:

Flowering Plants for Mediterranean Regions

Adelaide and Perth experience climates much like Mediterranean countries around the world and are therefore considered Australia's "Mediterranean" regions. 

Winter blooms that thrive in Adelaide, Perth and surrounding areas include:

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