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Flowers That Bloom in Winter

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With every passing season, we’re able to experience different flowering and fresh blooms, even in winter! No matter where you live, you’ll be able to experience the sheer beauty of nature in chillier conditions. 

There are plenty of flowers that bloom during the cold-weather months, many striking winter flowers don’t wait for spring to show off. Here are a few of them:


The hellebore plant is a winter-blooming perennial that is both easy to grow and gorgeous to look at. These unique cup-shaped flowers – also known as the winter rose or Christmas rose – bloom in a rainbow of colours through the dullest months of the year. Hellebores thrive in shade with patchy sunlight and little water, where the plant grows from two inches to two feet. Thanks to the plant’s deep growing root system, it’s protected from harsh winter winds.


Winter Pansies

Winter pansies are a cheery flower for the cold months. The low and fast-growing flowers will fill your yard with solid and bicolour hues, ranging from gold to blue and violet. Another interesting fact? Winter pansies can survive light frosts by freezing their growth until it gets warm again. When growing pansies, maintaining them in well-drained soil and using the right fertilizer is key to their healthy growth.

Algerian Iris

Unlike other iris flowers, this particular one is a diva in terms of appearance, where it has some of the deepest hues from lavender purple to indigo blue. The Algerian iris is said to remain dormant all summer and requires the winter sun to blossom, which makes them tough one to find. That said, they’re totally worth the hunt as they are easy-going, drought-resistant and can withstand fairly chilly temperatures. All the more, their delicate blooms feature a sweet fragrance which is definitely appreciated on cold winter days.

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Camellias are known as the ‘queen of winter flowers’, and it’s easy to see why. Camellias have a sophisticated layering of petals that captures attention, and a fragrance that often has them confused with roses. Being the queens that they are, they can be a little tedious to maintain. Although they bloom right through winter, expect best results when they receive up to four to six hours of sunlight.

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Snowdrop, as the name suggests, can survive through inches of snow and require minimal maintenance. These bulbs can always be identified from their tiny, bulbous appearance, which sprout in late winter and thrive through the colder months. Snowdrops prefer rich, well-drained soil and dappled shade with little to no sun rays as they can wilt in extreme heat.

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