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Flowers & Their Colours: Lisianthus

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Soft, sensual and romantic, Lisianthus flowers are one of nature’s most magical little flowers, yet often, they are confused with peony or rose.

Historically, this beauty of a flower symbolises congeniality, charisma and appreciation, meaning that they are perfect for a variety of occasions; however, these flowers are frequently the centrepieces in wedding arrangements, because of their natural beauty and versatility.

The ‘new rose’ is a native to the warm regions of the Southern United States, Mexico, Caribbean and northern South America. This mysterious flower is also known as Prairie Gentian, Texas Bluebell, Eustoma, Tulip Gentian, or Gentian.

The origin of the name lisianthus comes from the Greek words ‘lysis’, meaning dissolution and ‘anthos’, meaning flower. Although the Europeans still grow the single bloom variety, there have been advancements in cultivation, whereby double blooms are grown.

These double blooms possess much more of their brilliance, girth and – of course – textural feeling in a still-small flower. Both single and double blooms are a reference for the showing of appreciation, which has made the lisianthus an ideal choice for cut stem bouquets and arrangements.

The colour spectrum for this stunning flower is vast, but the purple lisianthus is by far the most sought after – this deep purple flower leaves recipients in awe of its beauty. Other colours include white, pink and rose; as well as a range of bi-colours and green, cream and champagne that round out the colour spectrum. As the colours – as well as the appearance – of the lisianthus closely match both the rose and peony, this makes them highly sought after for combination arrangements and a very versatile flower in every florist’s tool kit.

pastel pink.jpg
Pastel pink

When you think of pink, you think grace, happiness, femininity and gentility and this is exactly what the pink lisianthus flower represents. They also inspire thoughts of youth, joy and innocence, making them an ideal gift for a baby shower or the birth of a new arrival.


While purple holds the title for royalty and pink for youthfulness or femininity, lavender represents the essence of womanhood all grown up. This gorgeous bloom represents grace, elegance and refinement. Give this gift for mother’s day or the birthday of a motherly figure.


The colour yellow holds a special place in anyone’s heart, often evoking feelings of joy and happiness. This is an ideal lisianthus flower colour to give for new beginnings or friendship, evoking a joyous feeling in any recipient.

Deep purples

The presence of the colour purple in lisianthus flowers relay a feeling of royalty, pride, success and ceremony. When mixed with other bold colouration in an arrangement, they often represent accomplishment and admiration. A perfect gift for the purchase of a new house or an achievement worthy of celebration.


The calming sea of blue – the deep blue hues of the lisianthus – evoke a feeling of openness, serenity, peace and can often calm and relax. Perfect for someone in need of unwinding from a stressful time in their life.


The simple beauty of white flowers brings with them a message of innocence, reverence and luxury. White lisianthus are the ideal gift for a bride, as they create an appearance of elegance and also modesty.


A natural hue that represents the natural beauty of the world. The meaning behind green lisianthus can represent good fortune, health and youth – ideal for the birth of a baby boy.


The colour red evokes a feeling of passion, desire, power and heartfelt love. So it may come as little surprise that an arrangement filled with red hues will, in turn, represent a deep and boundless love.

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