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Flowers to Give to Remember Our Police Officers

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National Police Remembrance Day will be commemorated on Thursday 29 September 2022. This is a time for the community and colleagues to pay their respects to those police officers who have passed serving their community over the last 12 months. If you’re looking to show your respect for their sacrifices, Interflora has a range of flower bouquets, wreaths and arrangements that you can order to be delivered.

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Bouquet of flowers

A bouquet is a popular choice to pay respects as they are seen as a symbol of thoughtfulness and appreciation. Whether you are looking to have a flower bouquet delivered to a grieving friend or family member, or you would like a bouquet to lay at a gravesite, you can find the most appropriate gift with Interflora.

Our Elegant Lilies to commemorate National Police Remembrance Day is filled with white oriental lilies, accompanied with white stock, gum and wax foliage. Lilies are a popular flower choice for remembering the deceased because they represent the innocence that has been restored in the soul of the person who has passed on. Any type of white lily is appropriate as they represent purity and majesty.

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Wreaths are a traditional flower arrangement that is used to show respect and support to the family that is grieving. The circular shape of a flower wreath is used to symbolise eternal life and can be made with many different flowers and styles.

Interflora offers a beautiful flower wreath for you to place at a service or graveside. Filled with white roses, gerberas and green chrysanthemums, this tasteful gift will help you to share your condolences respectfully. Order a wreath with Interflora today.

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Arrangements in a vase

Flower arrangements make the perfect gift as they are easy to maintain since they can be left within the vase they come in, helping to prolong the bloom. Interflora offers a large arrangement of white lilies in a ceramic vase for you to have delivered to pay your respects to a fallen officer. Order an arrangement today.

How will you show your appreciation this National Police Remembrance Day? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram using the #InterfloraAU hashtag. 

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