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Flowers To Send To Commemorate ANZAC Day

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ANZAC Day is a time when we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country so that the rest of us can continue to live our lives safely in a free country. Steeped in tradition, flowers are a way to show our respect for those who have fallen. Our guide will help you understand why these specific flowers are symbols of remembrance for the ANZACs.



Wreaths have become a staple of ANZAC Day events. Typically laid at graves or memorial sites, wreaths of flowers are a beautiful floral tribute to commemorate our ANZACs. The symbolism of wreaths has been used at funerals since at least the time of Ancient Greece as they were a sign of honour and were to represent a circle of eternal life due to the shape of the arrangement. 

We offer a range of wreaths for you to order in time for ANZAC day. Explore our range today and order a commemorative floral wreath for drop-and-collect home delivery from Interflora Australia. 



The poppy has become widely accepted throughout the allied nations as the flower of remembrance to be worn on Armistice Day and ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand. The flower has become the symbol of remembrance as red poppies were among the first plants to grow in the desecrated earth left in the aftermath of the battlefields in northern France, Belgium and in the ANZAC’s case, Gallipoli. Written in folklore, the vivid red of the poppy came from the blood of fallen men soaking into the ground. 

Today, you will see artificial poppies sold in the lead up to ANZAC Day as a way to raise funds for charities that support veterans and the families of soldiers. 



Rosemary has become a symbol of respect and is often worn on Anzac Day to help us remember Australians who served and fell in battle. Rosemary has been used since ancient times as the herb rosemary has been believed to improve your memory, so it's a fitting commemorative symbol to help us remember those who have fought for Australia.

Rosemary has an importance to remembering the ANZACS as the herb grows wild on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey, where many Australians served in World War I. In the 1980s, cuttings of plants from Gallipoli were planted in nurseries throughout Australia to support Avenues of Honour. Rosemary is available in most nurseries. If you want to make a commemorative gift to a loved one or leave it at a memorial to pay your respects, construct a rosemary wreath using rosemary branches and gum nuts.

How are you commemorating Anzac Day this year? Share with us what you’re doing to remember the Anzacs this year by posting on Facebook or Instagram using the #InterfloraAU hashtag.

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