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Funeral & Sympathy Flower Etiquette

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It’s never easy to help someone deal with the loss of their own. When words fail you, sending flowers is a kind and appropriate gesture to express your deepest condolences and respect for the deceased as well as their family. Flowers serve as grace notes during the mourning period that can meaningfully aid the bereavement process. They add beauty, colour and fragrance to an otherwise sombre occasion.

Since it’s an emotional time for both the family and their relatives, read on to ensure proper funeral and sympathy flower etiquettes that will help you make a more informed choice for the fitting tribute.

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The difference between “Funeral flowers” and “Sympathy Flowers”

Funeral flowers are mainly ordered by close friends or family that go straight to the cremation home, church or memorial service.

Sympathy flowers are addressed to the home of the family or the close relatives who has suffered a recent loss. Plants make a great option too as they provide a lasting reminder and serve as a keepsake in memory of the deceased.

Choosing the right Flowers

A funeral is an occasion where the bespoke language of flowers expresses feelings and send a meaningful message such as "Rest in Peace" or "You are loved". Every flower or colour stands for something, so it’s important to be mindful or what flowers you choose for your arrangement. White hued flowers are often most commonly seen at funerals along with other pastel blooms. It’s best to use bright coloured flowers sparingly as to maintain the atmosphere of the funeral. Common appropriate flowers include Lilies, Gladioli, Carnations, Mums, Roses, Peace Lily, Orchid Plants, Hydrangea Plant, Gerberas, Daffodils and Tulips.

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Funeral Arrangement

How you visually present the floral arrangement also helps in strengthening your message. In most cases, large, formal, standing arrangements can be sent directly to funeral homes as a tribute to the deceased or you can opt for smaller to mid-sized floral bouquets if you are sending flowers directly to a person’s home.

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It’s never too late to send flowers

We suggest placing an order as soon as you hear of the demise or when you know the address of the funeral home. If you are sending it to a church, crematorium or funeral home, it is best if they receive it on the day of the funeral. If not, you can definitely send sympathy flowers, floral arrangements, cut flowers, plants or baskets to the grieving family, a few days or weeks after their loss. It works as a nice gesture and a comforting reminder to the recipient, who would certainly appreciate knowing you’re still thinking of them.

Say it with flowers and find the perfect sympathy gift to show your love and support for them during this time. We have a wide array of flowers designed to express sympathetic sentiments perfectly, select the ideal arrangement to comfort them during this time from our Funeral Flowers Collection.

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