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Get Floral With Your Costume This Halloween

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If you’re not into scary, or don’t particularly want to associate yourself with blood and guts, Halloween can be an uninviting prospect. A party invitation may bring with it the struggle and annoyance of having to find a costume, or deal with costume makeup that is not doing your skin any favours. Never fear! This Halloween, we’ve found a few great costume options that allow you to get into the spirit whilst still looking your pretty self. And yes, of course they are all flower based! Take your pick, and get ready for the party snaps…

Halloween Flower Costumes


Make like Queen B with a floral costume that will have people talking for weeks! You’ll need a floral silk gown, a tulle veil, flowing waves, and two baby dolls to cradle. If you want to go all out, attach flowers to a piece of cardboard and you’ll have a backdrop for your photos (or convince a friend to carry it around behind you). Don’t forget confidence, Beyonce would never be caught dead without it.

Lana Del Rey

Known for wearing more than one flower crown, Lana Del Rey makes for a fairly easy but pretty Halloween costume. Select an oversized floral crown, add glamorous waves to your hair, paint nails a deep red, create a dark winged eye, and lastly, add a few coats of black mascara. Bonus points if you can source a throne.

day of the dead.jpg

Image from pinterest

Day of the Dead

Craft your own version of a Mexican Sugar Skull this Halloween for a creepier take on florals. Create a ghostly pale face with some white costume makeup, darken around eye sockets with eye shadow, then use liquid liner to draw a skeleton nose, marks around the mouth, and decorations around the eyes. Add a flower crown and you’re ready to go. We recommend acting surly all night to add to your creepy skull vibes.

Frida Kahlo

Raid your wardrobe for bright coloured floral fabrics and the biggest earrings you can find for this Halloween look. Pile your hair on the top of your head, add a flower crown in bright colours, slick on red lipstick, and don’t forget to pencil in her iconic eyebrows.

gigi hadid.jpg
Gigi Hadid

Channel Gigi Hadid on the runway for Moschino and go all out with a giant flower bouquet costume. This costume is easier than you might think, you’ll need a whole lot of flowers (real or fake), some sheer white fabric to wrap yourself in, and wide red ribbon to tie the look together. Add a short blonde wig, dark eyebrow pencil, and dark lip liner, and walk into the party like you’re on the catwalk.

70s Hippie.jpg

Image from pinterest

70s Hippie

Promote flower power with a 70’s hippie inspired outfit. Source a loudly printed dress or flares, add flowers to your hair or a flower chain around your neck, and be prepared to hold your fingers in a peace sign all night long.

flower pot.jpg
Flower Pot

Go all out in a flower pot big enough to fit in. You’ll need a large plastic pot with the bottom removed (you can also do this with a basket or cardboard), fabric straps, and a whole bunch of flowers.

flower makeup.jpg
Flower Makeup

Not willing to commit to a whole costume? Incorporate flowers into your beauty look. We recommend using makeup instead of a face paint to avoid skin irritation, and make removal a whole lot easier. Use cream blush, eye shadow, and lipstick to create floral shapes. Or even add real flower petals to your look. Add flowers in your hair for extra boho style. Visit our Flowers in Hair and Beauty Pinterest Board for inspiration before you get started.

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