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Hay Fever Friendly Flowers

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Spring celebrates the end of dreary winter, with the beautiful sight of fresh blooms making this season almost perfect. Almost. 

For those of us who suffer from the horrors of hay fever, the start of spring signals the beginning of three months of relentless sneezing, runny noses, and red eyes. It can also reignite the annual disinterest in being within a 100-mile radius of anything that flowers!

In 2008, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found that over 1 in 7 Australians suffer from allergic rhinitis (the official name for hay fever).  That’s over 3 million Australians affected by endless sneezing every spring!  

Hay fever can very easily take away from what should really be a joyful changing of the seasons.

Although hay fever sufferers around the country are discouraged from rubbing their noses in pretty cherry blossoms, we’ve done some digging to find hay fever-friendly blooms that won’t set off the sneezing.  

Flowers To Love This Hay Fever Season



We’re pleased to advise that these delicate beauties are a safe option during hay fever season. While they do have pollen, they are insect-pollinated, meaning that the pollen is sticky and thick and transfers via insects rather than the wind. Unless you rub your nose directly in it, you should be safe from sneezing. A bouquet of pretty peonies will give you the joy of spring without the hay fever headache.



Breathe a sigh of relief because these classic beauties are safe! Thankfully, roses in all colours and in all sizes, rank low on the sneeze-inducing scale. Choose tight buds to further minimise pollen exposure. 



Hydrangeas are also insect-pollinated and will keep you from sneezing the house down this hay fever season. These lovely shrubs come in shades of blue, white, and pink and are the perfect flowering plant to keep in your backyard this springtime. You’ll experience the sweetness of spring, sneeze-free!  

Black eyed susan vine.jpg

Black-Eyed Susan Vine

These vibrant beauties are often placed in hanging baskets over balconies during the spring! If you see these pretties in passing, fear not! These darling buds are not ones to be frightened by. Bright and bubbly, these orange-hued blooms will do nothing but delight your senses.



Also known as ‘Busy Lizzie’, these vibrantly coloured shrubs are commonly distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere and Tropics. These little beauties are another to add to your list of blooms that won’t harm you this spring.  



They’re immensely pretty, come in a variety of bright colours and best of all, they rate low on the allergen scale! Also known as the ‘Sword Lily’, these vibrant pops of colourful blooms are safe to adorn your mantle or plant in your garden bed. Commonly pollinated by bees, these beauties are just the right buds to keep the runny nose at bay.  

Sweet pea vine.jpg

Sweet Pea Vine

If you don’t know about the Sweet Pea then now is the time to get familiar. These pretty petals are as sweet as their names implies, with an intoxicating fragrance and vibrant colours to choose from! Native to Sicily, these blooms are traditionally climbers, but dwarf varieties can also be readily sourced. Low on the allergen scale, these darling blooms will quickly brighten your dreary hay fever days.  



Not only do they have the sweetest little faces around but these flowers are also allergy-friendly. Pollinated by insects, these lovelies are the perfect choice to liven up your garden this spring time without the torment of allergies.

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