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Top Heat Resistant Flowers

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Australia is a country of extreme summer heat. While our winters may be mild, there is nothing mild about the heat that bears down on us over the summer months. While we may be accustomed to these extremes, some foreign blooms just can’t tolerate the heat in the same way. If you’re a lover of beautiful flowers, take note of our list of heat resistant flowers that will keep on blooming even throughout the tough Australian summer!

1. Banksia


Banksia are some the best known native flowers in Australia, exemplified by their popularity. While there are many different varieties (over 173, in fact), most are distinguishable by their soft spikey appearance and conical shape. Being native to our hot climate (preferring well drained soils and sunny locations), Banksia are an easy fit for your garden and vases during the hot summer months. If well taken care of, banksia can last from 8 to 16 days in a vase!

2. Lisianthus

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Also known as Texas Bluebells and Eustoma, the lisianthus flower is native to the warm regions of Southern US, Mexico, the Caribbean and northern South America. Growing up in areas of extreme heat such as these, the lisianthus flower is naturally a perfect fit here in Australia. Commonly confused for the classic rose, this equally attractive beauty is able to last between two and three weeks in a vase!

3. Sunflower

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The summery sunflower is the perfect bloom for the Australian heat! These lovely blooms are the quintessential summer flower with their bright yellow petals and seeded centres and they make for a stunning garden backdrop throughout the summer season. While we have strong summer sun here in Australia that is not something that would deter the sunflower - sunflowers practise heliotropism. Heliotropism is the act of moving toward the sun. Sunflowers do this during certain stages of their life to increase photosynthesis. Not only do they withstand the summer heat in gardens but they can also bloom brightly for up to 10 days in a vase!
4. Lavender

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This alluring and fragrant beauty is an easy favourite. Not only is it visually appealing, beautifully fragrant and endlessly versatile, but it’s also perfectly suited to the hot Australian summer. Lavender flourishes in dry, well-drained, gravelly soils and particularly enjoys full sun. With plentiful bright sunlight throughout the Australian summer, lavender is an ideal addition to our garden beds.

Lavender Fact: Lavender has been considered a noxious weed in Victoria since 1920. Be sure to keep your blooms under control with constant monitoring and regular pruning.

5. Mexican Sunflower

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The Mexican sunflower is, as you might’ve guessed, native to Mexico, but also to Central America. With soft velvety leaves and vibrant blooms, this variety of sunflower would make a brilliant addition to Australian gardens this summer. With orange and scarlet petals and thick round yellow centres, these blooms are both heat resistant and beautiful.

6. African Daisy

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African daisies are striking beauties with unique and attractive features. Boasting big beautiful blooms, these flowers can reach up to 10cm across. Featuring intriguing, eye-like markings at their centres, the African Daisy comes in a variety of colours (white, red, pink and orange), and are a great choice for places with extreme heat. Heat and drought-resistant, these beauties can tolerate extreme summer conditions like here in Australia!

7. Gazania

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These native South African blooms come in vibrant shades of yellow and orange and bloom over the long months of summer. Particularly resilient, these beautiful annuals can withstand harsh, dry climates such as that of the Australian summer. With vibrant summer blooms carpeting gardens, the sweet Gazania flowers shine brightly during the day and close up at night. Beautiful, unique and resilient, ganzanias can withstand drought conditions and will easily liven up your garden this summer.

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