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The flower crown exploded across the fashion industry and became a ‘must-have’ for every girl’s everyday accessorizing. In very recent times, however, the flower crown has become more than just the latest trendy accessory.

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Flower Crown Workshops are now amongst the coolest events to attend, especially when it comes to Hens Nights, according to Lisa Wills, owner and gifted florist at Miss Victoria’s Floral Emporium.  First opened in 2012 in London, Miss Victoria’s Floral Emporium has seen the popularity of the flower crown skyrocket, with more brides and festival-goers requesting these gorgeous floral headbands than ever before. But the latest update to the flower crown craze has been the hens night workshops.   “We run creative flower crown workshops. They are most popular with Hen Parties,” Lisa says.

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A serious (and welcome) departure from traditional hen’s night activities, Miss Victoria’s flower crown workshops are all about fun and floral creativity, Lisa says.   “On the day you are able to design your very own floral masterpieces from a selection of inspiring, seasonal blooms.   “The workshops are relaxed and informal, a perfect chance to chat and giggle over flowers, tea and cake.   “You learn essential skills and techniques to create your own designs such as preparing fresh flowers for use, wiring and taping.   “At the end of the workshop you can take your completed design home with you to show off to family and friends (or even wear on your night out following the workshop!),” she says.   Lisa says that popularity of the flower crown comes down to the very emotions that they traditionally convey.   “

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Throughout history, flower crowns have been a symbol of love, fertility and celebration - they can make you feel like a goddess for a day,” she says.   While celebrity endorsements have spurred on their popularity, she says flower crowns have been a Glastonbury staple for a long time - “Who doesn’t love evoking their inner 70’s boho hippie?”   Another reason for the intense spike in the popularity of fresh flower crowns is due to how customisable they are, Lisa says.   “Each floral crown I make is a couture piece of design, they are custom made to suit the wearer, this is definitely the biggest reason to go fresh rather than fake, never mind the fact that they look so much better!   “

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Fresh flowers are wonderful in any capacity, so having them as a one-off-piece, designed especially for you makes them extra special.”   When it comes to designing flower crowns, there are a few golden rules Lisa advises to adhere to.   “Long lasting flowers obviously work best, it depends on the season but things like berries, Sweet William and Eringium Thistle are excellent contenders.   “However, for me, nothing can beat a Frida Kahlo inspired big, bold and beautiful floral crown using blooms such as peonies and garden roses.”   While the flowers are hugely important, Lisa warns not to forget about the frame of your crown.   “

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My number one tip would be to use ribbon to secure your floral crown, this allows you to tie it around your head like a halo or under your hair like an Alice band and adjust the fit easily,” she says.  Miss Victoria’s Floral Emporium is bursting with floral delights! See more of their incredible work on their Facebook page, Instagram and Pinterest account. Images via Candid and Frank Photography.

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