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Honouring All The Motherly Figures in Your Life

3 min read
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Think of someone that you confide in, the ones that have been there to celebrate your ups and supported you through your downs, the people you consider to be a parental figure in your life, whether you look up to them as a second mum, dad, or both. 

Celebrate each and every motherly figure in your life that has helped you, guided you, shaped you, loved you and nurtured you. For each quality they possess reflects a quality of a mother.

For Mr. Mum

So many single dads take on both roles and make their journey through parenthood on their own, for many reasons. 

Celebrate your dad and let him know how much you appreciate all he does for you this Mother’s Day. Thank him for raising you, being there every step of the way and shaping who you are today. Gift him a beard grooming set, a gift hamper of Tasty Nibbles or his favourite cologne and don’t forget to mention what a great job he’s doing solo. Let him know you appreciate all he does to make everything seem effortless, too.

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For Your Grandma

For the woman who never lets you leave her house on an empty stomach or without at least 100 kisses. Celebrate your grandma this Mother’s Day and let her know how much she means to you. 

Repay your grandma for the wisdom, life lessons, and love (and cookies!) she has given you throughout the years, with a beautiful arrangement like Splendour delivered and a note you know she will cherish. Another lovely idea would be to frame a memorable picture of you and her. Nothing will make her smile brighter as she walks past her mantle every day.

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For Your Aunt, A Double Blessing

Celebrate your aunt who hugs like a best friend, keeps secrets like a sister and shares love like a mother. For many of you, aunts hold a special place in your hearts and just because she may not have birthed you, doesn’t mean she hasn't been a key figure in your life since day dot. 

Let them know how much they're presence in your life means to you. It doesn't take anything away from your mum’s day to celebrate her sister, sister-in-law, or childhood best friend you've called auntie all your life! It’s just an opportunity to celebrate all the amazing women in your life who have helped to shape you into the person you are today.

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For your Second Mother, Your Sister

While a mother and a daughter have a special bond, sisters also share a very special relationship. Growing up, you and your elder sister may have been two peas in a pod or sibling rivals, either way you’ll have shared experiences growing up, shared similar goals, aspirations, and lifestyles. You’ll have played together, dressed to match, and knew that you would always be the best of friends. 

Even though you no longer live together, that special bond between you continues to change and grow as you go through life’s milestones with continuous love and support of each other.  When you start a family of your own, you get to watch your children play together and become just as close as you were at that age. You’ve always admired your sister in everything she does, and motherhood is no different. It makes you want to be as good of a mother as she is. So, this Mother’s Day, send her well wishes and tell her just how much you love, respect, and admire her with a fitting gift like our Super Woman arrangement.

No matter how they are related to you, or even if they aren’t related to you at all, all of the motherly figures in your life deserve to be celebrated on Mother’s Day. 

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