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How Can You Style Flowers For A Green Colour Palette

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Green is becoming a popular home styling choice as the colour brings balance, harmony and vitality. If you’ve created a wonderful green atmosphere in your home and are struggling to find flowers to pair with the colour palette, look no further! Our guide will help you style with flowers to complement the rest of your home.

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Pairing shades of green

Blending different shades of green with your home’s decor is a way to create an earthy vibe or natural energy in your home. You can choose from many shades of green, including sage green, emerald green or even a yellow-green to inspire the right atmosphere in your home. Accenting your green colour combinations with white will add a touch of balance, bring some pop to the colour and complete the look.

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Deliver green flowers with Interflora

If you’re looking to add some green flowers to your home to complement your chosen colour palette, Interflora offers a range of green flower arrangements for delivery. Our Green Florals combines features sim carnations, freesia, queens lace and more. The Interflora Enchanted Floral arrangement of pink oriental lilies, dancing lady orchids, snapdragons, and roses in a stunning display of elegance amongst tall green foliage to provide a soft green feel to your home. Monstera plants may be one of the most popular indoor plant varieties you can add to your home. The monstera plant is easy to look after and makes a beautiful statement in any home with its broad, textured leaves. Order a Survivor Plant Monstera with Interflora today. 

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Contrast colours with green

For a harmonious green palette that shifts with the changing seasons, you need a solid neutral that links them together. Brown and hazelnut do just that with their inherent warmth, while a zesty yellow-green evokes abundance and new growth. Dried florals provide a different sense of brown while also offering a range of textures to add to the space. Interflora offers a range of Australian dried floral arrangements which you can have delivered to your home. Explore our dried flower collection.

If you’re looking for a loud and festive colour scheme, choose pink or red to contrast with your green decor. This eye-catching combination can add a sense of wild energy that lifts spirits. This stimulating atmosphere will make any creative spirit feel right at home. If you want some red or pink flowers to be delivered to your home, you can find a range of red flowers and pink bouquets with Interflora. 

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