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How To Blend Fresh Flowers With Dried Florals

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Dried flowers are currently very trendy. However, blending new fresh flowers will add a fresh spin on the style. Inspired by vintage, boho and garden styles, mixing fresh cut flowers and dried flowers adds a romantic charm to your flower arrangements.


Mix up the textures of the flowers

The juxtaposition of the textures of dried and fresh flowers achieves a look that's appealing and unique compared to a traditional flower arrangement. You shouldn’t be afraid to pair opposite textures together as you can use the coarse texture of dried flowers to highlight the fresh flowers. Keep in mind that when using contrasting textures, you must ensure there is a smooth transition between the different flowers.

Leaves of varying textures can also draw attention and improve focal points in your arrangement. The more patterns and shapes within the leaves, the more professional and polished your arrangement will look. If you can, select multiple types of greenery to increase the texture and dimensionality.

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Create a blend of colour

Dried and fresh flowers complement each other when it comes to colour theory. Dried flowers absorb colour while fresh flowers add colour to your floral arrangement. When you’re looking for flowers to add to your arrangement, consider flowers with bright colours or whites. Use the earthy hues of grasses and dried florals to fill the space between each variety of fresh flowers. Dried flowers will create the effect of negative space and will contrast with bright colours to produce an extra pop to create a wonderful visual in your home.  

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Regularly update your fresh flowers

Fresh flowers will not last for long periods unlike dried florals, so it's important to continue to care for them over their lifespan. When creating your flower arrangements, you can use fresh flowers dry or place a hidden small tube with water and a rubber cap to lengthen the longevity of the flower. Monitor the health of the fresh flowers and replace them with new flowers when they start to look unhealthy. You can use the same variety of flowers or change it up with different varieties. 

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