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How to care for dried flowers

3 min read
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Call it a 90s throwback or the latest trend in floristry, but dried flowers are back in a plethora of blooming beauties you can find in our Dried Flower Collection!

Unlike fresh flowers that only last for a few days, dried flowers last much longer. They are a stylish and economic alternative for decorating your home interiors too. Whether you have dried flowers grouped in a wreath or in a bouquet arrangement, follow these quick tips to prolong the life of your dried flowers and keep them looking their best.

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Avoid Direct Sunlight

Dried flowers naturally change and fade over time from the natural preservation process. Keeping them indoors, away from harsh environments and direct sunlight will help keep the colours intact as long as possible. Keeping them under areas of bright light will not only cause the colours to fade but can also make the flowers brittle and eventually crumble.

Avoid Humidity

Place your dried flowers in a dry room with less humidity and good airflow compared to places with high humidity and temperature fluctuations like the bathrooms, laundries, basements, attics or even the kitchen. Long-term exposure to heat and humidity will cause dried flowers to decay faster, can moisten the petals and leaves, causing them to turn mouldy.

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Dried Flowers Will Get Dusty

Use an old-fashioned feather duster to clean your dried flowers. This method works best on the sturdier arrangements, or alternatively you can also use a hairdryer. Make sure to set it on a low speed with ‘no heat’ setting to avoid damage to the flowers whilst gently removing dust from your dried flowers and foliage.

Do Not Place Your Dried Flowers in Water

It sounds silly, but unlike fresh flowers dried blooms do not like or need water. It causes their stems to turn brittle, weak and promote mould growth. Keeping them warm and dry will help it thrive.

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Place in an Opaque Vase

Place your dried floral bouquet directly into an opaque vase or pottery vessel as a glass vase with no water can look odd. Any neutral-coloured vase is sure to go well with your flowers. Dried flowers placed in vases for very long can draw moisture and humidity within them so it’s probably a good idea to check now and then if the stems are dry within the vase.

Style in a Permanent Spot

The texture of dried floral arrangements is fragile, delicate, and can disperse the fragments over time. Placing and styling them in a quiet spot that won’t require much movement, or a more permanent place like a coffee table or side console is definitely an ideal spot.

Now that you have some extra tricks up your sleeve, treat yourself to an arrangement of your own from our Dried Flower Collection and let us know through Facebook or Instagram how well they are thriving. Or show us using the hashtags #InterfloraAU and #AlwaysInterflora.

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