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How to Celebrate Easter with Family & Friends

5 min read

As families practice social distancing during the pandemic, many of us are dealing with disappointment over cancelled trips, Easter plans, sports seasons and more. The absence of a fun get-together with friends and family may be a letdown but prioritising health and safety right now is paramount. 

Having said that, just because we all have to stay home for a while doesn’t mean we can’t make this Easter a memorable celebration. There’s just so much to love about Easter. From enjoying a family feast to dyeing Easter eggs, these Easter traditions have stood the test of time and are definitely doable from home this year. 

This Easter we’ve put together some isolation-safe activities for yourself and your family. Hopefully these egg-cellent ideas help you make the most of the situation and create fun memories too.

Have a fun Easter Meal

Gathering around the table and spending quality time with family is important, and not being able to have the extended family over doesn’t mean you can’t still host a casual brunch or traditional Easter dinner with those you live with. 

Planning an Easter meal is easy depending on what produce you can get your hands on at the supermarket. Being your immediate family or housemates, you are bound to have an idea of the kind of meals they like to eat, which will help simplify the choosing process. You might like to put together a simple dish like a Sunday Roast or French Toast, or, perhaps you can pass the time challenging yourself in the kitchen! 

The simple idea of a meal around the table is the perfect way to celebrate from home.


Make Easter Desserts

This is a non-negotiable Easter tradition. There has to be fun had in the kitchen at Easter, so break out the mixing bowls and aprons. Bake some Bunny Cupcakes, a Carrot Cake in honour of the bunny or make Hot Cross Buns, adorned with crosses as a religious reminder. Get the kids involved in the cooking, it’s a great way to keep them occupied and have fun as a family!

Send Easter Flowers

Add some Easter style to your dinner table, home or show those near and dear that you are thinking of them during these times and send them a surprise they weren’t expecting. We have a number of beautiful bouquets and arrangements designed with Easter in mind. Take a look at our limited edition Easter Collection and choose flowers perfect for yourself or someone special to you. 

Dye & Decorate Easter Eggs

There are just some things that Easter can’t be celebrated without and decorating Easter Eggs is definitely one of them. It’s a cherished family tradition, and has been a tradition around the world for centuries. 

Dyeing Easter Eggs is an uplifting, easy-to-do at home activity that will remind you of your traditional family Easter, provide hours of fun for the whole family, and importantly, amuse the kids if you’re falling short of ideas.


Easter Egg Hunt

Egg hunts are the ultimate Easter tradition we all enjoyed as kids (and still do). Your kids may not be able to attend local Easter Egg Hunts with all their friends this year, but you can still make them feel as excited and have plenty of fun in your own backyard. 

Hide Easter eggs around the house or in your backyard for a fun competition amongst the family to get the most! The thrill of the hunt never fades, you might be still finding small eggs in your garden for months!

Plant an Easter Garden

Let one of the things you do this Easter brighten up your yard! Easter is a happy reminder to celebrate new life. So, celebrate by planting a garden with your kids this Easter. Enjoy everything this season can offer your family's garden by planting blooms such as pansies, mums, asters, marigolds and other annuals that can bring life to your garden instantly!


Family Picture

Get dressed up for the occasion and take a family picture in your Sunday best. Think like a photographer and make all the necessary arrangements in your house or yard to capture the best photo. These memories are wonderful keepsakes that show just how much your family has grown. Since you’ve gotten dolled up for the photo, why not video call your family and friends to check on them and wish them a Happy Easter.

Easter Baskets

The Easter bunny is an exciting part of Easter for children, they have sleepless nights of excitement and unanswered questions wondering how in the world the Easter Bunny gets inside, guess they’ll never know. 

Being stuck in self-isolation is the perfect time to get your hands dirty doing arts and crafts! Create and decorate Easter baskets with your children ready to be filled with chocolate eggs from the Easter Bunny. You make wonderful memories creating them together, and of them waking up on Easter morning to find their Easter baskets filled with enough chocolate to last them a life-time.

There you have it. There are plenty of ways to make-do with what you have and create a memorable Easter at home. Are you going to go ahead celebrating Easter? Let us know what you have planned on our Facebook or take a photo of your creations and show us on Instagram using the hashtag #InterfloraAU.

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