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How To Organise A Spectacular Day Of The Dead Party

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Day of the Dead or “Dia De Los Muertos” is a Mexican celebration that lasts 3 days, beginning on the 31st of October. The tradition is a time for remembrance of loved ones that have passed away and brings people together to visit shrines, drink and eat together. 


The celebrations often involve outfits for all attending themed parties around the world. If you’re looking to host your own Day of the Dead party, here’s what you’ll need to make sure it’s a big hit.  

Get your outfit sorted 

In the 1910s, an illustrator named Jose Guadalupe Posada drew an image poking fun at the upper classes of Mexico by drawing “Calavera de la Catrina”, a skeleton dressed in an expensive hat. This image has become iconic in the Day of the Dead celebrations and can be found everywhere during the event.


Today, dressing as Calavera Catrina has become a popular fashion choice for those celebrating around the world. If you’re looking for an outfit, you need a long, flowing dress with bright coloured lace. Face paint or make-up is also required to turn your face into a skull. As a headdress, you can wear an elegant hat or flower headband to complete your outfit.  

Order flowers

In Mexican culture, certain flowers represent meanings when it comes to death, spirits and the afterlife. The most common flowers you will see include: 


Known as the “Flowers of the dead,” marigolds are bright orange and yellow flowers that are said to attract souls to the altar with their scent. Their bright and cheery colour is also a symbol of celebrating life rather than feeling bitter about the passing of a loved one. Real or paper marigolds will bring a sense of authenticity to your decorations while also bringing bright, appealing colours to the event.



The white chrysanthemum frequently appears in Day of the Dead celebrations as they’re said to symbolise peace, beauty and sympathy. 


The imagery of death is an important feature of any Day of the Dead celebration and involves decoration that depicts this motif. A famous form of decoration is the brightly decorated sugar skulls that have been used in celebrations since the Aztec days. Adding sugar skulls will add personality to your Day of the Dead party due to the variety of bright colours you can include.

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