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Have You Tried Floral Beads?

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Available exclusively to Interflora Australia, Floral Beads are our latest add-on offering that let you add an extra touch to your arrangement while keeping them in place and lasting longer.

Each pack of Floral Beads contains two packets of beads so you can brighten up two arrangements with one pack!

 What Are Floral Beads?

Floral Beads start out as tiny polymer beads, simply add water and they expand into beautiful gleaming beads that keep your arrangement looking stunning for longer.

What’s more, they come in both clear and colourful variations so you can add an extra touch of colour to your flower delivery.


How Do You Use Them?

Using Floral Beads is easy! Simply place a packet of the beads into a vase and add 1 litre of water to hydrate. The Floral Beads will grow to full size in approximately 4 hours.

Once hydrated, place your floral arrangement inside the vase, ensuring the base of the stem is fully submerged in the water.

Using Floral Beads has been tested to prolong the life of your arrangement, and you can keep your flowers looking stunning for up to one week without adding water – perfect for when you’re on the go.

We recommend when you can, keep adding water to the vase to extend the life of your flowers for as long as possible.

Styling with Floral Beads

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Floral beads come in both clear and a range of colourful variations such as red, pink, yellow and green so you can play around with colours and find the best colour to suit your arrangement.

There are so many ways you can use Floral Beads to make your arrangement stand out even more. Clear beads are great for adding a touch of elegance to your floral display, otherwise choose a colour that matches your blooms to further enhance their colour.

Depending on the size of your arrangement, you can add or remove water to achieve your desired look.

Add Floral Beads to your next floral delivery and try them out for yourself!

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Same Day Flower Delivery

Shop our wide range of stunning floral gifts and hampers available for delivery Australia-wide and organise a beautiful floral delivery for someone special. Don’t forget to add-on some Floral Beads for an extra touch to any arrangement. 

Receive same day delivery if you order before 2pm AEDT Monday to Friday and before 10am AEDT on Saturdays!

Please note: *This product is not a toy. Not suitable for children. Choking Hazard.

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